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Marcus Sohlberg

Marcus Sohlberg

Marcus Sohlberg is a Swedish Engineer and previously worked as a Sales Manager within the Automotive industry in Shanghai. He has a long experience within Sales, particularly in the Automotive industry, and speaks Swedish, English and Mandarin fluently.

Fredrik gronkvist

Fredrik gronkvist

Fredrik Gronkvist is a Swedish Entrepreneur and co-founder of Scandin Asian Enterprise, in Shanghai and He has contributed to hundreds of articles and been featured on Chinaimportal, Global Sources, Alibaba, Quartz Magazine, Bloomberg and more.

ivan malloci

ivan malloci

Ivan Malloci holds a Master’s degree in Electronic engineering and a Ph.D. in Control Systems. Previously a researcher at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. He’s the Co-Founder of

Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1: Preparations

Do I need to book accomodation on my own?

Yes, we don’t include any hotel or other accomodation in this package. We suggest that you stay in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Do I need to book a flight?

Yes, we don’t include any travel expenses in this package. You should book a flight to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN), in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

What other costs should I be aware of?

Below are some additional costs:

a. Visa and immigration charges
b. Currency exchange
c. Taxi and additional travel expenses
d. Travel insurance

Notice that include charge for the service provided. No unspecified extras are included.

Can I pick the date?

Yes. Please provide your 3 most preferred dates, and we will check with our partner agency.

Can I come on a weekend?

Yes, most of our customers work from Monday to Friday, and prefer to visit Vietnam during the weekends.

Part 2: Vietnam Property Tour

Who will I meet in Ho Chi Minh City?

We are working with one of Vietnam’s leading property agencies, ERA (Electronic Realty Associates). ERA is a franchise, with more than 14,000 offices worldwide.

Once in Vietnam, you will meet directly with a representative, that will brief you in their office, and then take you on a property tour in Ho Chi Minh City.

What kind of property / developments can I visit?

That depends entirely on your personal preferences. While most visitors prefer pre-construction and under construction developments (i.e., not yet completed), you can also visit completed units.

Do I get to decide what to see?

Yes. Our partner agency will bring you to the projects, where a majority of the visitors that participate in the tour, want to go. Normally, 3-5 persons take the tours at a time. AsiaPropertyHQ keeps down the amount of visitors per tour, to give you the best opportunities to talk with our local experts and to get full attention.

What will I learn during the briefing?

Starting at around 9 AM in the morning, you will spend a few hours in ERAs office, for a legal and process briefing. During this briefing, you will learn how the buying process works, how to transfer money, and foreign ownership restrictions.

How long is the tour?

The tour normally lasts from 1 PM to 4 or 5 PM.

What if I want to see additional properties?

Then we can book an additional 1 day property tour. Normally, 1 day is enough, but if a follow up tour is requested, we will help you to schedule one with ERA.

Part 3: Additional Support

What’s the next step once I’ve decided what I want to buy?

All additional procedures are handled directly between the buyer and the agency. However, in case you have questions or need some advice, you can send us an email.

What if I don’t want to buy property?

That’s okay. doesn’t require that you commit to any investment or additional purchases, by ordering this package.

What kind of help can I get from

We can answer your questions or offer advice based on your situation. We can also discuss matters with the agent, in case you don’t have time to talk to them directly.

Other Information

Do receive commission from the agency?

Yes, we receive a commission from the agency, in case you decide to buy property. However, no extra commission/cost is added to you as a buyer, as we only take a part of the existing commission.

Do offer any guarantees or insurance?

No, we don’t offer any kind of insurance or compensation, due to losses caused by the agency, developer, banks, government or any other party that may be involved in the buying process.

What kind of risks should I be aware of?

Vietnam is a developing country, which comes with a relatively high reward, but also higher risks:

a. Developers may go bankrupt, thus halting ongoing construction. However, this is rare and there are many international and local developers with reputable track records operating in Vietnam.

b. Land ownership disputes, and other disputes that may involve the government, banks, developers and other entities.

c. Changes in national foreign property ownership laws

d. Frauds

e. Currency fluctuations

Payment Methods

Can I pay with my Visa or MasterCard?

Yes, we offer credit card payments through PayPal or Stripe. Customers based in certain countries may be required to create a PayPal account in order to make a Credit Card transaction. This is free and only takes a moment. You just need to add your email address and agree with Paypal Terms of Service. With Stripe, you don’t need to create an account.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with your balance, bank account or credit card through PayPal.

Do you offer a safe payment method?

Yes, all payments are processed by PayPal or Stripe, which use an SSL certificate to encrypt your data.

Will I receive an invoice for my company?

Yes, it’s delivered together with the payment confirmation email.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

Follow this link to read our Terms of Service.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

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