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Marcus Sohlberg

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Fredrik gronkvist

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Frequently Asked Questions
For Buyers
Do receive commission from the agency?

Yes, we receive a commission from the agency, in case you decide to buy property. However, no extra commission/cost is added to you as a buyer, as we only take a part of the existing commission.

Do offer any guarantees or insurance?

No, we don’t offer any kind of insurance or compensation, due to losses caused by the agency, developer, banks, government or any other party that may be involved in the buying process.

What kind of risks should I be aware of when buying property in Asia?

a. Developers may go bankrupt, thus halting ongoing construction. However, this is rare and there are many international and local developers with reputable track records operating in Vietnam.

b. Land ownership disputes, and other disputes that may involve the government, banks, developers and other entities.

c. Changes in national foreign property ownership laws

d. Frauds

e. Currency fluctuations

What kind of property/developments can I visit if I book a tour?

That depends entirely on your personal preferences. While most visitors prefer pre-construction and under-construction developments (i.e., not yet completed), you can also visit completed units.

What if I don’t want to buy property after I contact an agent or book a tour?

That’s okay. doesn’t require that you commit to any investment or additional purchases, by ordering this package.

For Developers & Agencies
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We offer the following:

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Can I pay with my Visa or MasterCard?

Yes, we usually send a PayPal invoice that can be paid by Visa or Mastercard.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with your balance, bank account or credit card through PayPal.

Do you offer a safe payment method?

Yes, all payments are processed by PayPal, which uses an SSL certificate to encrypt your data.

Will I receive an invoice for my company?

Yes, it’s delivered together with the payment confirmation email.

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Where can I find your Terms of Service?

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Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

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