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+ Sponsored Article

We write and publish a permanent article / interview to our knowledge base, covering your portfolio.

+ Email Campaign

We send one or more marketing emails, covering your portfolio, to drive high quality leads back to you. 

+ Sitewide Banner Ad

We publish a sitewide banner on our website, driving leads and traffic back to your website for 2 - 14 days.

+ Sitewide Banner Ad  

+ Sponsored Article  

Notice: This sample article was not sponsored (paid) article

+ Email Campaign 

Ad Packages


✔ 1 x Sponsored Article

✔ 1 x Marketing Email

✔ Sitewide Banner Ad: 2 Days  

Price: $199

Medium [Best Value]

✔ 2 x Sponsored Articles

✔ 2 x Marketing Emails

✔ Sitewide Banner Ad: 7 Days

Price: $379


✔ 3 x Sponsored Articles

✔ 3 x Marketing Emails 

✔ Sitewide Banner Ad: 14 Days  

Price: $599

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Sponsored Articles  

Q: Do you include a link to our website in the sponsored article?  

A: Yes, we include a (nofollow) link in the sponosred articles.  

Q: Can we select topic?  

A: Yes, you can select and suggest topics that you want us to focus on.  

Q: Can we republish the sponsored article somewhere else?  

A: Yes, you can republish the sponsored article on your website, your Linkedin page, or any other media. Further, if for any reason you want to unpublish your sponsored article from our website, you just need to contact us.  

Email Campaigns  

Q: What is your normal open rate?  

A: Between 20% to 25%.  

Q: How many marketing emails do you send out each week?  

A: We only have one email slot each week, which is on Thursdays at 10 AM. Hence, you should book your date at least 1 month in advance before you want to send your email.  

Sitewide Banner Ads  

Q: What is a sitewide banner ad?  

A: It's an image ad (for example, of your logo) on the header on all the pages of our website. The ad includes a link (nofollow) to your website or contact form.