• Top Airbnb Rental Management Companies in Australia: An Overview

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    Australia has one of the most active real estate markets in the world, attracting many investors from Asia.

    Over the years, the market has performed comparatively well and was less affected after the subprime crisis, for example.

    Airbnb has sprung up as the most popular option for short-term rentals, a reason why more investors turn to the website. Yet many don’t reside in Australia or have the time to manage their rental units.

    A preferred option is to utilize a third-party, so-called Airbnb rental management company to manage the unit for you.

    In this article, we list some of the biggest and most popular companies that manage Airbnb units for property owners in Australia.

    1. AirKeeper

    AirKeeper is a renowned Airbnb rental management company that is located in Alexandria, NSW. The team comprises ten persons, with a long experience in the buy-to-let industry.

    The layout of the website comes in a modern and sleek format and you can find many case studies. You are able to log in on the website, for up-to-date information regarding your rental unit.

    The company offers two different packages and charges a commission, as most other companies in the industry do. The packages are called Prestige and Ultimate and include the following.


    Commission rate of 15% of the rental incomes:

    • Meet with the Team
    • Dedicated Case manager
    • AU$499 Photography & Profile Creation
    • Cross-Platform Marketing
    • Strategic Pricing
    • Occupancy Optimisation
    • Listing & Bookings Management
    • Guest Vetting
    • Property Inspections
    • Lock Box
    • Home Manuals
    • Mail Collection
    • Maintenance Coordination
    • Guest Communication
    • Linen and Towels
    • Provided by us, charged to guests
    • AU$25 Per Month – Household Pack
    • AU$25 Per Month – Toiletry Pack
    • AU$79 Call Out Fee


    Commission rate of 20% of the rental incomes. This package includes the same features as the Prestige package, but also all the services for photographs, household packs, and more are free of charge.


    AirKeeper offers the following services to foreign and local property buyers that wish to let units on a short-term basis in NSW:

    • Full Airbnb Management
    • Furnishing Service
    • Cleaning & Linen
    • Corporate Rentals
    • Concierge
    • Maintenance
    • Investment Strategies

    The company has received many testimonials for their Airbnb rental management services, which comprises the following:

    • Professional Photography
    • Listing Creation
    • Multi-Platform Advertising
    • Sophisticated Pricing Optimisation
    • Digital House Manuals
    • 24/7 Guest Support
    • Cleaning & Linen


    Unit 23/45-51 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

    2. MadeComfy

    MadeComfy is a leading Airbnb rental management company founded as late as 2015. Yet the company has grown remarkably in the past years and currently has dozens of employees.

    With its head office in Sydney, MadeComfy also operates in Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Melbourne. The company received AUD 1.1 million in funding, which helped it to expand into the company we see today.

    MadeComfy has won many awards and has been mentioned or featured in various media channels. They have also provided plenty of case studies that help you understand how the letting process works.


    MadeComfy offers the following services to property owners:

    • Airbnb Management
    • Guest Management
    • Airbnb Maintenance
    • Property Management System
    • Cleaning Service
    • Property Styling and Furnishing

    For more information, I recommend you visit their website.


    Level 1/458 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

    3. HomeTime

    HomeTime is another leading Airbnb letting management company with operations in both Australia and New Zealand. The same as for MadeComfy, HomeTime rode the wave when Airbnb started to become increasingly popular back in 2015.

    The same as for many other Airbnb rental management companies, HomeTime has developed a platform. It helps you keep track of your rental units in real-time, anywhere you go.


    HomeTime offers the following services for homeowners:

    • Property Management for Airbnb
    • Holiday Home Rental Management
    • Investment Property Management
    • Airbnb Hosting Services
    • Airbnb Housekeeping
    • Airbnb Cleaning Services

    Examples of Airbnb property management services include:

    • Earnings Optimisation
    • Airbnb Property Maintenance
    • Furnishing and Styling
    • Airbnb Listing Creation
    • Full Guest Communication
    • Quality Housekeeping


    161 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

    4. HeyTom

    Originally started in Sydney, HeyTom has managed to become one of the leading Airbnb rental management companies in Australia. Thanks to its quick expansion in Australia, you can now find HeyTom in the following cities:

    • Sydney
    • Melbourne
    • Gold Coast
    • Brisbane
    • Auckland
    • Sunshine Coast
    • Adelaide
    • Byron Bay & Northern Rivers
    • Hobart

    HeyTom charges a commission of 20% on rental incomes, which owners often increase rents by more than 20%.


    Services offered by HeyTom include:

    • Revenue management
    • Overview performance and bookings
    • Monthly reporting
    • Block out dates on the property management system
    • No long-term commitments
    • Direct access to your Hosting Partner
    • Professional photographies
    • Copywriting
    • All guest communications, 24/7
    • Hotel-quality linen service included
    • Welcome guests to your Airbnb
    • Coordinate cleaning up to Airbnb’s high standards
    • And much more!


    The company has not provided any information about the head office’s address on their homepage. For more information, I recommend you contact them directly.

    5. KozyGuru

    KozyGuru was founded in 2016 and has seen a remarkable journey since. Like most other companies, it started out in Sydney but quickly expanded to Melbourne and Brisbane.

    In 2018, the company had 10 members and saw a growth of 500% in the same year.

    In 2020, KozyGuru could proudly say that it had launched its own house-cleaning app, 500 portfolio listings, and had hosted more than 40,000 guests.

    In addition to the above-mentioned cities, they also have a presence on Gold Coast.

    KozyGuru offers three different packages: Airbnb Clean Only, Hands Off Full Short Let Management, and Home Styling. The packages come with the following features.

    Airbnb Clean Only

    Provide Housekeeping, Laundry, Towels, and Bed Linens Service. You can also sync the service with your Airbnb booking calendar.

    Hands Off Full Short Let Management

    With this package, they charge a commission of 18%. It includes all the services you need to manage your Airbnb unit.

    Home Styling

    This package is solely for the furnishing and decorations, starting from AUD 6,950.


    The Hands-Off Full Short Let Management comes with the following services:

    • Dedicated Case manager
    • Quality Cleaning
    • Maintenance, Damage Repair
    • Full Guest Communication
    • Photography
    • Listing Creation on Booking Platforms
    • Earnings Optimisation
    • Key Management
    • Fresh Linen and Towels
    • Restocking Bathroom Supplies
    • Online Marketing Promotion
    • Financial Reporting
    • Owner’s Portal
    • Bills Support
    • Deposits Management


    s103/299 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australi

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