3 Areas to Buy Property in Da Nang: An Overview

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Da Nang is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam that has seen great growth of inbound tourists in the past years. The city has some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and offers a vibrant atmosphere, thanks to the many corporations that open offices here.

As such, people don’t only live in Da Nang for retirement or vacation purposes, but to pursue careers and engage in business. Even if Da Nang is smaller than Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, it can be difficult for some foreigners to understand where they should buy property there.

In this article, we list some of the best areas you should have a look at if you plan to buy property in Da Nang.

Summary of Da Nang:

  • Population: Around 1.2 million
  • Region‎: ‎South Central Coast
  • Districts: 8
  • Airport: Da Nang International Airport
  • Distance to other cities: Hue – 93 km, Hoi An – 29 km, Mui Ne – 740 km, Ho Chi Minh – 834 km

Hoa Hai (Truong Sa Street)

Hoa Hai is a small district located in between Da Nang and the World UNESCO Heritage town, Hoi An. It’s well-known for its marble mountains, forest-ringed temples, and of course, the My Khe Beach.

Here, you can find everything from luxury resort hotels to 18-hole golf courses with a splendid view of the ocean. Besides, there are many local restaurants and shops in the area.

Below you can find hotels and residential real estate projects that are located in Hoa Hai and Truong Sa Street. Some of the resorts and hotels that are located in the area or close by include:

  • Hyatt Danang
  • The Beachfront Enclave
  • The Ocean Estates
  • Naman Residences
  • Fusion Resort & Villas Danang
  • Sheraton Grand Danang Resort

The area is suitable if you look for privacy and want to be close to both Hoi An and Da Nang, it won’t take you more than 10 minutes by car to both places.

When compared to the more central areas of Da Nang, you won’t find as many condominium buildings in Hoa Hai, but primarily hotels and plush villas that are located right next to the beach.

Best Areas to Buy Property in Da Nang

My An (Vo Nguyen Giap Street)

My An is located in the Northern parts of Da Nang along the shoreline and considered one of the most central areas. Here, you’ll find plenty of tourists, hotel rooftop bars, and residential buildings.

My An and Nguyen Giap Street are more bustling than Hoa Hai and it’s probably most famous for being directly linked to the vast green areas and hilltops of Tho Quang. My An and Nguyen Giap Street are located along My Khe Beach and popular among swimmers and sunbathers.

You won’t feel that the area lacks food options as there are both Vietnamese food, burger joints, Korean BBQ, tapas, and more available in the vicinity. Not to forget, all the beer and cocktail lounges, local food street stalls, and seafood restaurants located on Nguyen Van Thoai, which is just a stones-throw away.

Some of the most famous hotels and residential real estate projects available here include famous names such as:

  • Premier Sky Residences
  • Monarchy Apartments
  • TMS Luxury Condotel
  • Risemount Apartments
  • Wyndham Soleil Da Nang Condos

As you can see by the project names, you primarily find high-rise condominium buildings here, catering to tourists and the larger amount of foreigners. If you want to read more about these projects, you can visit our separate article that lists interesting projects for sale in Da Nang.

Cam An (Lac Long Quan Street)

Cam An is a long and thin ward located right along the beach in Hoi An. Lac Long Quan Street passes through the ward and its famous for the Cam An beach, having white sand and a relaxing atmosphere.

Compared to the above-mentioned wards and areas, Cam An is more peaceful and you won’t find as many real estate projects here. With that said, some retirees and holiday-spenders prefer to stay closer to Hoi An and to be further away from the hustle and bustle.

Cam An currently has a handful of an interesting property project, including but not limited to:

  • Malibu MGM
  • Shantira Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa

Shantira Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa offers condominium units for as little as USD 60,000 at the moment I’m writing this article, it’s a popular project that has hundreds of condominium units but also luxury villas.

If you’ve been to Vietnam, you’ve most likely heard about Hoi An as well. There’s a reason why foreigners decide to stay in Hoi An as it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and most famous for its Ancient Town, canals, architecture, French colonial buildings, and the Japanese Covered Bridge.

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