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    Binh Thanh is one of the biggest districts in Ho Chi Minh with one of the most favorable locations. The district is surrounded by the Saigon River in the eastern parts, facing both District 2 and Thu Duc District.

    It also borders to District 1, making it a perfect location for residents who want to be just a stones-throw away from the hustle and bustle. District 1 can be crowded and noisy, a reason why many expats decide to live in Binh Thanh instead.

    You’ll find some of the most popular residential complexes, nestled in between parks, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

    Property Developments in Binh Thanh

    Below you can find interesting projects that are finalized, under construction, or planned for the future in Binh Thanh.

    Landmark 81

    Completed in 2018, Landmark 81 is the tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia and measures 461 meters. It’s built by the renowned Vietnamese developer, Vinhomes, which is part of the big conglomerate Vingroup.

    Since the launch, Landmark 81 and it’s surrounding area have become a popular site for foreigners and Vietnamese to take photos, do shopping, watch New Year fireworks, and visit the big park that faces the Saigon river.

    It’s one of the most famous landmarks in Vietnam with the following floor breakdown:

    • Floor 79 – 81: Skydeck Observatory
    • Floor 78: Mechanical
    • Floor 42 – 77: Vinpearl Hotel
    • Floor 6 – 41: Residential units
    • Floor 5: Residential lounge, retail
    • Floor 4: Residential clubhouse, retail
    • Floor 1 – 3: Retail podium

    Landmark 81 offers a magnificent view of the surrounding districts and you’ll also find a SPA and a bar inside.

    Address: Vinhomes Central Park, Phường 22, Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh

    Vinhomes Central Park


    Vinhomes Central Park is a large mixed-use real estate project that surrounds Landmark 81. With 17 residential towers, 10,000 condo units, and 80 detached and semi-detached villas, it’s one of the biggest projects in Vietnam.

    Here, you’ll mostly find well-off Vietnamese investors and expats who commute to the other central districts of Ho Chi Minh, and District 2 and 9. It’s also suitable for workers who commute to cities such as Dong Nai and Bien Hoa.

    The project comes with the following facilities:

    • Vinschool
    • Vinmec (hospital)
    • Gyms
    • Swimming Pools
    • Marina
    • Central Park
    • Mini Golf
    • BBQ
    • Others

    Vinhomes Central Park has become one of the most popular projects for expats who wish to reside in Ho Chi Minh. Property prices are in the medium segment.

    Address: Vinhomes Central Park, Phường 22, Bình Thạnh, Ho Chi Minh

    City Garden

    City Garden is a modern project and only a 5-minute drive away from the central business district. The buildings have an oval shape and almost look like they are melted together, ranging from 21 to 30 stories.

    Here, you’ll find plenty of green areas and it’s one of a few projects that is a gated community. Rents are higher here compared to many other projects in Binh Thanh.

    Since its launch, City Garden has become a landmark in Ho Chi Minh and a popular residential project among expats.

    Some of the facilities and amenities offered include:

    • Health centers
    • Kindergartens
    • Swimming pool
    • Health club
    • Clubhouse
    • Restaurants

    Some websites claim that you can earn rental yields of above 10% here.

    Address: 59 Ngo Tat To street, Ward 21, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

    Ecological Urban Area Binh Quoi – Thanh Da

    The Ecological Urban Area will be built on an island and surrounded by the Saigon River.

    The project will have modern eco-tourism services, such as parks, natural landscapes (culture, tourism, entertainment), public and commercial functions, and traditional and modern residential areas.

    The project has been under discussions since 1992, leaving the 13,000 residents uncertain about the outcome. The project is now revived again and Bitexco still acts as the investor of the project.

    Address: Binh Quoi – Thanh Da, Binh Thanh

    Real Estate Agents in Binh Thanh

    Even if Binh Thanh is one of the most popular districts among local and foreign residents, you won’t find as many real estate agencies here compared to District 1. Below I’ve listed two of the most popular agencies at the moment.

    ERA Real Estate Vietnam

    ERA is one of the biggest franchised real estate networks in the world and was originally founded in 1971. The company has 14,100 offices and more than 270,000 sales associates worldwide.

    ERA Real Estate Vietnam is used to cater to foreign buyers and has partnered with numerous well-known developers, including Mapletree, Dat Xanh Group, GuocoLand, Keppelland, Vingroup, and more.

    Address: 394 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh


    Honeycomb is an independent boutique agency that primarily helps foreigners to rent condominiums in Ho Chi Minh. They can also help you rent villas and serviced apartments.

    Honeycomb offers the following services for free:

    • Consultation and recommendations
    • Negotiation for your leasing contract
    • Payment of monthly utility bills (Management fee, electricity, water, gas, and more)
    • Property management 24/7, including all related paperwork

    Address: 112 Nguyen Van Thuong Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh

    Infrastructure Developments

    Ho Chi Minh City will need much investment in infrastructure, USD 3.58 billion from 2021 – 2025 to be precise. Below you can find some notable infrastructure developments that are planned in Binh Thanh.

    Around half of that will be founded by the government.

    In the coming years, we will see comparably fewer new residential developments in Binh Thanh to focus more on infrastructure developments.

    Metro Line 1

    The Metro Line 1 will have 14 stations and span over almost 20 kilometers. Starting at Ben Thanh Station, the metro will continue underground to the Opera House Station and Ba Son Station. All other stations will be above-ground.

    Line 1 will serve people living in District 1, 2, 9, Binh Thanh and Thu Duc. The Metro will have a major impact on the city and increase the connectivity between districts and cities even further.

    Commercial Property

    Being one of the biggest districts in Ho Chi Minh and located in the central areas, Binh Thanh is mainly the home of residential complexes, but there’s also a fair share of commercial buildings too.

    Projects such as Vinhomes Central Park, Landmark 81, and Saigon Pearl are all mixed-use developments where you find schools, hospitals, and/or shopping malls that are integrated with the projects.

    With that said, locals and foreigners generally look at other districts when leasing or investing in commercial property.

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