Singapore Property Market Outlook in 2019: A Complete Overview

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Singapore’s real estate market has been one of the hottest topics in many newspapers in 2018. I bet it will continue like that in 2019.

Many developers and analysts first believed in a positive market outlook in 2019. But with new regulations in place, I’m not that certain.

In this article, I share my predictions for Singapore’s property market in 2019.

First of all, I will recap what we saw in 2017-2018 for you to better understand the current market climate.

Topics covered in this article:

Singapore’s Property market in 2017: A throwback

After being in a downward trend since 2013, Singapore’s real estate market finally began to show signs of recovery in Q2 2017. During Q1-Q2 2017, property prices and rents were still declining, while the demand and prices for land started to increase.

Still, the vacancy rates reached new record levels in 2017, contributing to a further drop in rents.

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