Top 13 Property Developers in Australia: The Definitive Guide

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Buying off-plan or new property is the first choice among many foreign investors in Australia.

In fact, established properties are only available to local citizens and temporary residents, unless you get approval from the FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board).

The government introduced new buying regulations as late as 2015, to reduce the influx of foreigners (especially from China), and to protect the local market.

As the trend becomes obvious and we see a higher demand for off-the-plan property, I decided to write this article where I list some of the biggest residential property developers in Australia.

1. Metricon Homes

Metricon has been ranked as the biggest residential developer in Australia by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) since 2011. In 2017, it retained its top position with 4,365 starts, more than any other developer.

Metricon Homes was established in 1976 and the head office is located in Melbourne.

Property types

Metricon builds mostly single and double-story homes. In addition, they offer services like knocking down old properties for rebuilding purposes, build display homes for investors and customize apartments according to your living style.

You can also find home and land packages, where you simply buy a block of land with different interiors and exteriors offered. Later, they build a house based on the design you select.

Current projects

Metricon Homes builds individual homes instead of projects. You can explore different designs on their website, like Amalfi, Allure, Dromana, and more than 80 other designs.

Future projects

You can find multiple packages on their website, including single and double-story homes in different locations, as well as home and land packages.

Prices & areas

Based on the prices quoted on their website, you can find a home and land package in all major cities of Australia. Prices range from around $200,000 to $1,800,000, depending on location, land size, and the design you choose.

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