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How to Buy Land in Thailand: A Complete Guide


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Many foreigners who have visited Thailand decides to move there full-time and want to buy land to build a house on. But buying land in a developing country, where the government doesn’t favor foreigners, you need to be careful before signing any purchasing agreements.

In this article, I explain how you can buy land in Thailand and about the most common title deeds used.

Can foreigners buy land in Thailand?

This question is a bit tricky and needs a couple of paragraphs to explain.

Yes, you can buy and control land through different local setups, but you can’t generally own land as a foreigner. Thailand, like many other countries in the region (except for Malaysia), has protective regulations towards foreign ownership.

If you live in Thailand, speak the language and have a Thai spouse, things become a bit easier though. In total, you have four different ways to buy and control land, which I will explain more about now.

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How to Buy Land in Sihanoukville: A Complete Guide


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Sihanoukville has grown rapidly the past years and now attracts a big amount of investors and tourists.

Previously a sleepy tourist destination that was infamously known for attracting Western foreigners who were partying a bit too hard, it’s now attracting casino visitors, people enjoying its beach resorts, investors and more.

Not to neglect, except for tourism, it’s also a engaged in a number of other industries like textile, manufacturing and agriculture.

In this article, I explain the opportunities to buy land in Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville property market

Much investment pours in to build condos, casinos and other property that will help to cater more visitors, mainly from China but also locals.

Yes, the Chinese are taking over the property market in Sihanoukville.

Just listen to this:

Previously, Western companies made up 75% of all investments in Sihanoukville. Nowadays, an almost equally big share of investment is covered by the Chinese – alone.

Locals are even afraid that the Chinese will take over the real estate market completely, making Sihanoukville into a “Chinatown”.

Is Sihanoukville’s property market in a bubble?

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How to Buy Land in Malaysia: A Complete Guide

Suggestion: Watch the 5 minutes video tutorial before reading this article

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Most property buyers prefer to own a house or an apartment, my personal guess is that it’s due to tradition, and that people think that the risks are lower when buying an apartment or a house.

Also: people want to own a house or an apartment to reside in, or buy-to-let.

But the potentials are great when buying land, in fact, profits can increase exponentially over the years. You also have the opportunity to rent out land, earning you rental incomes.

In this article, I explain the essentials you need to know when buying land in Malaysia.

Can foreigners buy land in Malaysia?

Yes, Malaysia is the only Southeast Asian country where foreigners can directly buy and own land.

This is not the case in other countries in the region, for example, when buying in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia or the Philippines.

Even if foreigners can seek approval to buy and own land Singapore, for example, it’s not as straight forward as in Malaysia.

In fact, foreigners need to be permanent residents for a minimum period of 5 years, or make a significant financial contribution, in order to buy land in Singapore.

So: it might not come as a surprise that many foreigners turn to Malaysia when looking to invest in land.

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