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Getting an Overseas Property Loan in Hong Kong: A Complete Guide


If you’re a Hong Kong citizen or a permanent resident foreigner, you can sometimes apply for a so called overseas mortgage.

The mortgages are designed to let you finance a property outside of Hong Kong, often you have the first contact with a bank in Hong Kong and you later transfer to a branch in the country where you intend to buy. They sometimes even help you to fill out the application, before the transfer is made.

It’s not easy to find summarized about the banks that offer overseas mortgages (at least in comparison to Singapore), how much you can borrow and what conditions that apply. Therefore, I decided to do some research on my own and to write this article.

I’ve personally been in contact with a number of banks and with branches in Hong Kong (and the UK) to understand what overseas mortgages they offer. Let’s have a look.

1. BOC (Bank of China)

Bank of China, sometimes referred to as BOC, is one of the top four commercial banks in China. It opened its first Hong Kong branch in 1917 and has become one of the major players.

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Getting an Overseas Property Loan in Singapore: A Complete Guide


I get increasingly more questions from foreigners who look for financing overseas, might it be for purchases in the country where the loan is obtained, or elsewhere. Often, the buyers have sufficient with cash, but don’t want to put a big chunk of money in one investment.

There are countries in Asia that offer overseas property loans, one of the most popular ones is Singapore. I will continue writing about how you can get overseas property loans in Asian countries, but let’s start and have a look how it works when obtaining one in Singapore.

What is an overseas property loan?

If you’re a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident foreigner in Singapore, you can apply for a so called overseas property loan. Not all banks offer the loans, but you’ll find a handful of banks who do.

Simply put, overseas property loans are designed for investors who wish to buy property in another country, the banks normally offer the loans for purchases in a limited amount of developed countries, or sometimes even cities.

As a start, you can apply for the loan in your country of residence, but your main contact will be with a local branch in the country where you plan to buy.

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