Vietnam Visa Options for Real Estate Investors: Complete Guide

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Vietnam has become one of the hottest markets for overseas real estate investors and many are drawn by its quality of life, business opportunities, and economic growth.

Before you invest in Vietnam property, or in any foreign country for that matter, you must understand what visa options you have and for how long you can stay in the country.

In this article, we list the most common visa options that are available to foreign property buyers in Vietnam, might it be for persons who want to rent out units or use a unit for retirement or leisure purposes.

What visa options exist for foreign property buyers in Vietnam?

1. Visa Waiver

A common misapprehension is that foreigners can only buy real estate if they have a valid visa in Vietnam.

Anyone who’s legally allowed to enter the country can buy as many units as he or she wants in branded commercial projects, as long as the foreign ownership quota of 30% isn’t filled. Continue reading Vietnam Visa Options for Real Estate Investors: Complete Guide

4 Asian Countries with Long Term & Real Estate Investment Visas

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Before you pick a location for your next Asian property investment, it’s important that you do some research about the visa options available.

Having a long-term visa, might it be an investment visa, will bring relaxation and not forcing you to leave a country every month, or so.

Luckily, you’ll find a handful of countries in Asia that have understood that foreigners want to stay there long term, bringing decent cash to the local economy.

In this article, I list 4 Asian countries that offer long-term and real estate investment visas to foreigners. Let’s have a look.

1. Thailand


Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia for many reasons. Expats, travelers, and other foreigners alike can easily get accustomed to the high quality of life.

Personally, Thailand is one of my favorite countries to visit in Asia, I often make a trip once in a while, to recharge my batteries.

Even if Thailand might not be the best place for investors with a high-risk appetite and to maximize yields, many foreigners (for example Hong Kongers and Japanese) want to have property in a place that’s ‘livable’.

Proximity to their home countries is also of importance.

Continue reading 4 Asian Countries with Long Term & Real Estate Investment Visas

MM2H: Malaysia’s long term visa: By Andy Davison

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Many foreigners decide to relocate to Malaysia as it’s one of the most livable places in Asia.

The food and weather is great, the locals speak English and it’s just easy getting around. Not to forget, the medical care offered (yes, Malaysia has many foreign medical tourists).

A strong contributor is also the fact that Malaysia offers a long term visa called MM2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home) to foreigners.

In fact, a few other countries in Asia have similar long term visas and it’s getting increasingly popular, especially among Chinese people.

So: today I’ve invited Andy Davison to help us explain more about the MM2H and the benefits it brings.

Andy is the Founder and CEO of TEG Media (The Expat Group) that helps foreigners with MM2H and other Media services in KL.

He founded the company over 20 years ago, which proves that he has a long on the ground experience, worth listening to.

Andy, welcome. Can you please tell us about yourself, your company and how you help foreigners in Malaysia?

I started my company in 1996 after spending 25 years travelling the world with American Express.

I decided to start a magazine for the expat community. We offer it free of charge to all expats living here. It’s a full colour 90 to 100 page magazine which we call (no surprise) The Expat.

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