China Real Estate Expo: A Comprehensive Interview with Lisa Zhang

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Chinese people are keen on buying overseas property, we know that for sure. Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam are just a few countries where Chinese investors buy everything from a single unit up to dozens of units at a time.

Not surprisingly, many agencies and developers focus hard on the Chinese market, offering services and support in Mandarin and Cantonese.

China Real Estate Show hosts some of the biggest real estate events in China that attracts thousands of Chinese investors, willing to engage with foreign developers, agencies, and law firms.

So far, events have been held in multiple locations, including Shanghai and Shenzhen. This time, we have a look at the next event that will be held in Shenzhen, and where the expo will open its doors to more than 130 exhibitors and 25,000+ visitors.

Info about the next event:

  • Name: Shenzhen Real Estate Expo 2019
  • Date: May 18th-19th, 2019
  • Venue: Great China International Exchange Square, Shenzhen, China

Lisa, I appreciate that you take time explaining about your successful real estate expos in China. First of all, for how long have you been running the China Real Estate Expo and why did you start organizing it?

Thank you. Yes, sure, it has been 4+ years now. The 1st China Real Estate Expo was held in Shanghai in 2014. It was only held annually at a start, but to conform to the call of the increasing demand in China, it is held semi-annually since 2016.

So why did we start. Well, there needs to be a professional service provider that bridges the increasing amount of rich Chinese real estate investors with the rapidly developing real estate industries overseas.

Overseas developers and agents are very are eager to enter the Chinese market. So, we want to be that bridge and take every effort to achieve success.

The economy in China is growing fast and property investments overseas has become a fashionable way for the Chinese to invest. The increasing consumption and purchase power of the Chinese draws much attention to many international property developers, they enter the Chinese market one after another.

Yet, honestly speaking, there are very few real estate shows in China that are professional and that focus on real estate overseas. Thus, here we are. Our team is dedicated to act as the “bridge” and to organize professional real estate events for both Chinese investors and overseas exhibitors.

Who is this event for and what can foreign exhibitors (like agencies and developers) expect when attending?

Sure. China (Shenzhen) Real Estate Expo 2019 (SREX2019) is one of the most professional and influential international real estate expos in China at the moment. It will take place in the fabulous venue Great China International Exchange Square in Shenzhen on May 18th-19th, 2019.

The Expo is a two-day event for property developers, investors, agencies, and buyers to network and reach potential deals. It is one of the best opportunities to get into the Chinese market.


The target visitors include overseas property investors, agents, and institutions providing intermediary consulting services related to:

  • Real estate investments
  • Migration and overseas studies
  • High-end club members
  • Club organizations
  • Owners of high-end property, luxury villas, cars, watches, private planes, and yachts
  • Key departmental leaders
  • Legal representatives of commerce chambers, enterprise groups and private enterprises
  • Senior management of enterprises and foreign senior officers in Guangzhou
  • People who have emigrated or undergo emigration formalities
  • People who prepare to send their children overseas, or have been in the course of overseas studies
  • VIP high net worth individuals of financial systems (banks, securities, insurance and funds)

It will be a good chance for exhibitors (both agencies and developers) to:

  • Get in touch with the richest and most potential investors/clients
  • Get the most exposure to Chinese investors, buyers, agents, potential clients and media
  • Showcase high-rate property projects and give professional advice, face to face
  • Meet and build long-term friendships with old clients, new Chinese agents and counterparts
  • Get to know the industry trends and market in China
  • Get access to strategic marketing and build your brand in China

Interesting. Is this event solely for investors from Mainland China or can buyers from other countries attend too?

No, not at all, property investors from all over the world can attend the expo since it is an international real estate feast for both domestic and overseas attendees.

We welcome all of you to join us and enjoy our show!

Which countries and what kind of property are most popular among your visitors? Do you have any data you’d like to share?

According to our statistics, property in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, and Cambodia are most popular in Asia among the attendees.

Dubai is the most popular option in UAE and the Middle East.

Cyprus, Portugal, UK and Germany on the other hand are most popular in the EU.

And of course the US is still very popular.

How were the results from your previous events in Shanghai and Shenzhen? Do you have any success stories?

The outcome is really encouraging and more than 90% of exhibitors are really satisfied. The remaining 10% mainly complain that their booths were too small and had worse locations, which affected sales negatively compared to those with larger booths the better locations.

They regret that they booked the booths so late and there were no other booths left. However, most of them are planning to get bigger booths this time, to boost their sales.


When it comes to success stories, yes, one sales team of Aristo Developers from Cyprus created a sales record during the expo by making 30 international deals and deposits of their projects. That’s really wonderful and what we pursue.

We want all of our exhibitors to share their High ROI projects with the Chinese investors and build a win-win pattern.

Sounds great. It’s well-known that Chinese buyers get information and recommendations word-of-mouth, and don’t always look for agencies and developers online. What are your recommendations to foreign developers and agencies who wish to find Chinese buyers?

Well, that’s the view of the old-time actually. Nowadays, more and more Chinese buyers focus on the exhibition and online to find their investment targets and projects.

They feel more trust in people who can be talked and seen face to face, so they prefer to attend the exhibition to talk with developers or agents with good projects.

And of course, “word-of-mouth” still plays an important role in attracting their attention, affecting their final choice. Based on this, I recommend overseas developers and agencies to participate in the international real estate expo held in China, like the next SREX2019.

Here, you can promote your projects/properties face to face with the Chinese buyers.

Also, if you have old clients from China, you could give them a hint to introduce their friends to buy or invest overseas, to get the “word-of-mouth” effect.

Let’s say that I meet a number of Chinese visitors who are interested in buying property in my country of residence. How can I keep in touch and handle the communication with these people? Can you assist me in this process?

Well, nowadays thanks to technological development, it’s become really easy if you download an app named “Wechat”, that almost all the Chinese are using. It is also very popular in many countries.

It is really convenient to use Wechat to send messages, pictures, have voice calls and video calls. You can even transfer small amounts of money to your clients or friends in China, for free. You just need to add your clients and start messaging, no matter how far away you are.

And of course, we will assist the exhibitors to keep in touch with their clients and newly made friends in China, during any circumstances.

Having a successful marketing strategy is crucial to attracting buyers. Can you share some key marketing strategies that are important when selling real estate to Chinese investors?

Yes, you’re right, and sure.

Showcasing properties and real estate projects on international real estate expos in China, like SREX2019, is the first step to attract Chinese buyers. Since the expo will largely expose their brand and projects widely in the most important cities in China, with no regards to offline or online marketing.

Then, the next step is to build up the brand and fame, step by step, and get the “word of mouth” effect from the clients and buyers.

What are Chinese investors paying attention to when buying property overseas?

Generally speaking, they will pay more attention to the ROIs of the property overseas. This is the first and most important point when they are making a decision about the overseas investment.

Other important factors include safety, the country and district where the property is located, the brand and the fame of the developer, the services, the brand and the fame of the agency.

If the buyers decide to live in the apartment or house, they will also pay more attention to Fengshui, neighbors, facilities, schools and medical establishment in the vicinity.

How much does it cost to attend the event and what should I prepare as an exhibitor?

The costs depend on which kind of booth you would like to take. The shell scheme is from USD 3,500 – USD 7,000, and empty space is from USD 12,600.

To get the exact price, please contact our sales team. As an exhibitor, it will be a great help to showcase properties if you prepare the following:

  • Sign the contract and Arrange the exhibition fee to make sure you get a booth
  • Fill in and Hand in all the docs from the Organizer
  • Design the booth and Send the artwork to the Organizer
  • Get the Invitation and Apply for a Visa to China
  • Book your flight and a hotel near the venue
  • Reach the expo venue one day before the show to check the booth decoration
  • Smile and have a good show on May 18th-19th

When is the final date to apply for the event?

The due date to apply for the event is April 19th, 2019. But if you have any difficulties to apply before that, please contact us first and we will try our best to help.

Finally, how can people get in touch with you?

Please contact us by email:
Or call: +86-21-31261267
Or add our wechat: 2389638798

Our website is:

You can find all the pictures and videos from the previous events on the website and more details.

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