• Top China Real Estate Websites: An Overview

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    The Chinese are well-known for buying real estate overseas in countries like the US, Australia, Thailand, and the UK, just to mention a few.

    Yet, China also has a massive domestic real estate market that has grown remarkably in the past 20 years.

    Locals predominantly look for real estate in China, a few foreigners too, primarily for personal reasons.

    A question many ask is what the biggest real estate websites in China are. Some believe that Zillor is available in China, which is not.

    Instead, you have to turn to local real estate platforms that most foreigners haven’t heard of. In this article, we review the biggest real estate websites in China, explaining what makes them all unique.

    1. Fang.com

    Fang simply translates to room in Chinese and is one of the leading online real estate platforms. The company focuses on marketing real estate in mainland China and has around 65 offices, covering 658 cities.

    Fang is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which speaks for the vast size of the website.

    You can find any kinds of property types available for lease or sale, including office space, residential units, villas, and more.

    In addition to house sales, you can also find services for decorations and furnishing on Fang.com.

    2. Anjuke.com

    Anjuke is a real estate rental and sale service platform that covers hundreds of Chinese cities. In addition to domestic real estate, Anjuke has also started offering a service where Chinese buyers can find properties overseas.

    Countries featured include Canada, Thailand, the US, Japan, and Australia.

    Anjuke has a modern and easy-to-use interface with graphics and many images. It doesn’t resemble that of many other Chinese websites, which sometimes look a bit traditional. The same as for Fang.com, you can find both commercial and residential properties here.

    For more information, I recommend you check their website directly.

    3. FangDD.com

    FangDD is another major real estate platform that is widely available all over China. In comparison to the US where only a few websites are used, China is the home to almost a dozen.

    FangDD is an advanced platform where readers can view units in virtual reality.

    The listings also come with videos, many photos, and in-depth information about the units. You can buy both second-hand houses, as well as new houses on the site.

    Another thing I like about the website is the advanced research and tools offered. Buyers can see real estate price changes depending on areas, for example.

    You should definitely have a look at FangDD if you’re serious about your house purchase in China.

    4. Juwai.com

    Juwai.com differs from the other websites in the sense that it helps Chinese real estate buyers find overseas properties. It’s a foreign-owned website that has grown remarkably since its inception and is backed by Berkshire-Hathaway, for example.

    Juwai.com has also started to target the Southeast Asian markets thanks to its collaboration with the Malaysia-based real estate agency, IQI Global.

    Not only does Juwai have superior usage features and layout, but many available resources and data as well.

    Here, you can also view units in virtual reality, something that has become increasingly popular during the pandemic.

    Examples of countries where the Chinese can find properties globally include the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

    5. Lianjia.com

    Previously called Homelink, Lianjia is one of the biggest real estate brokerages firms in China, founded in 2001. It has grown exceptionally fast in the past decade and currently has around 6,000 offices and 120,000 brokers in China.

    By the end of 2015, the company managed RMB 700 billion worth of real estate transactions in total, which is kind of amazing. If you ever visit China, you’ll notice that Lianjia’s branches are pretty much everywhere.

    The company has a clean and easy-to-use website and a mobile application that real estate investors can download. In addition to domestic real estate, buyers can also find real estate overseas.

    You can find both residential and commercial real estate on Lianjia and they can also help you rent units.

    Being one of the biggest real estate companies by numbers, you should have a look at Lianjia if you plan to buy property here.

    6. Zhifang.com

    Zhifang is a leading real estate portal in China and simply translates to knowledge or wisdom house. The same as for the other major websites listed, they offer houses in all major cities, including apartments and villas.

    In addition to properties in China, you can also find real estate overseas. Examples of countries include Greece, Australia, the US, Spain, Southeast Asia, and Portugal.

    The website has been around since 2009 and has more than 3 million registered users and 2 million daily page views. In addition to buying real estate, Zhifang is a big travel platform where you can book trips overseas.

    7. House365.com

    House365 is another large real estate website with a modern design and slick layout. You can find properties in the major cities, including Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin, and Shenyang, for example.

    There are plenty of objects available on House365 and you can get in touch with agents directly. You can find new housing, rentals, as well as second-hand housing, depending on your needs.

    8. 5i5j.com

    5i5j refers to the Chinese words of Wo Ai Wo Jia, translated as I love My home. The reason is that the number 5 is pronounced like Wu, similar to the word of I, called Wo.

    5i5j has one of the better-looking interfaces according to my taste, with a modern but simple look.

    You can buy property overseas, rent units, buy second-hand units, as well as new units in China on the website.

    Looking at overseas units, the countries are the same as usual. Examples are Thailand, the US, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Greece, and the UK.

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