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  • Attend online seminars with industry leading property and tax experts.

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Digital tutorials, task lists and videos, covering ownership rules, taxes, financing and the legal process when buying overseas property. Each guide is easy to understand, and takes about one hour to get through.

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Need guidance from other property investors? Do you have ‘on the ground’ experiences you want to share? Join our online community to connect and discuss with other overseas property investors.



Attend free online seminars and workshops, to learn more about the property in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States. We also cover specialised topics, such as taxation, property letting, financing and much more.

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Marcus Sohlberg

Marcus Sohlberg

Marcus Sohlberg is a Swedish Engineer and previously worked as a Sales Manager within the Automotive industry in Shanghai. He has a long experience within Sales, particularly in the Automotive industry, and speaks Swedish, English and Mandarin fluently.

Fredrik gronkvist

Fredrik gronkvist

Fredrik Gronkvist is a Swedish Entrepreneur and co-founder of Scandin Asian Enterprise, in Shanghai and He has contributed to hundreds of articles and been featured on Chinaimportal, Global Sources, Alibaba, Quartz Magazine, Bloomberg and more.

ivan malloci

ivan malloci

Ivan Malloci holds a Master’s degree in Electronic engineering and a Ph.D. in Control Systems. Previously a researcher at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. He’s the Co-Founder of

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Yes, it’s completely free and no credit card is needed


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Why do I need the Buyer’s Guides?

The guides cover the basics that you must know about buying overseas property, be it in Asia, Europe or the United States. Keep in mind that these guides are not exhaustive, and foreign ownership and taxation rules can change at any time.

We cannot guarantee that all the information we provide in the Buyer’s Guides are continuously kept up to date. As such, we strongly advise you to consult a professional before starting the buying process.

Why is free?

Our vision is to become the number one e-learning and community platform for property investors based in Asia. Our intention is not to charge for access to the platform, but provide completely free access – with the option to buy services from verified service providers.

Will you start charging for your platform in the future?

No, access to the Buyer’s Guides and Forums will always be free of charge.

How do you make money?

We offer our users premium content and services provided by third parties (i.e. consultants and real estate agents) that are experts in their respective countries and regions.

However, buying any such services is optional. You can still use the account and access future updates for free.

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Yes, it’s completely free and no credit card is needed