Top 5 Hong Kong Property Exhibitions 2021

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Hong Kong is one of Asia’s biggest hubs for real estate exhibitions where investors and companies can expand their network and learn more about overseas real estate markets.

Visiting property exhibitions is the preferred choice among many investors in Hong Kong as you can discuss with professionals face-to-face and learn about ongoing trends first-hand.

With that said, it can be challenging to find information about interesting property exhibitions online. In this guide, I present five of the biggest and most popular exhibitions in Hong Kong.

1. SMART Investment & International Property Expo

The SMART Investment & International Property Expo is managed by SMART Expo, they held the first event as early as 2004.

It’s the biggest real estate expo for service providers and global investors who operate- or plan to buy property overseas. In previous years, the event has welcomed more than:

  • 2,365 exhibitors
  • 129,000 investors and property buyers
  • 860 senior-level property and investment speakers

It’s not only an expo for locals but attracts visitors of more than 40 nationalities. One of the greatest benefits of visiting the expo is that it’s free and you can attend plenty of seminars. Here, you can network with various real estate companies, including overseas real estate developers, experts, and agents.

You should check this seminar in case you want to:

  • Get the latest market information
  • Review overseas property developers’ price-lists
  • Check luxury property in some of the most interesting countries
  • Get professional advice
  • Learn about guarantee yields from “buy-to-lets”
  • Be the first to buy low into hotspots with high return on investment
  • Find winning investment strategies that meet your risk assessments
  • Attend more than 20 seminars for free
  • Others

The expo is open for the following kinds of exhibitors:

  • International property developers and agents
  • Fund houses
  • Retail / Commercial banks
  • Stock brokerage firms
  • Financial services companies
  • Alternative consumer investments (like art and wine)
  • Companies wishing to target retail investors and buyers of overseas properties

Key Information:

  • Type: B2C
  • Date: Generally in the beginning of April
  • Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Registration: Click here

2. 121 Property Investment

The 121 Property Investment is unlike SMARTExpo as they connect international property developers with leading investors, property funds, and financiers from Greater China, Hong Kong, and Asia Pacific.

The exhibition runs for two days and allows high-profile individuals to meet with the top management of the international development firms.

Over the years, 121 Property Investment has attracted more than 400 companies and connected them with 1,600 investment firms, for collaboration and to discuss the latest market status and trends.

The exhibition allows you to:

  • Preschedule and attend 1-to-1 meetings
  • Enjoy a great matchmaking experience, with the assistance of the organizers

The exhibition is only open to qualified developers and investors. Thus, they do a pre-screening to assure that they select the right exhibitors and attendees.

In addition to real estate exhibitions, 121 also has exhibitions for companies and professionals in the mining and oil & gas industry. They also have exhibitions in Singapore, London, New York, Sydney, and Cape Town.

You can simply sign up for the exhibition by visiting their website.

Key Information:

  • Type: B2B
  • Date: 17-19 March 2021
  • Venue: Generally at Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong (Online in 2021)
  • Registration: Click here

3. Juwai Overseas Expo is China’s biggest overseas property website and was launched in 2010.

Founded by two Australians who lived in Hong Kong at the time, Simon Henry and Andrew Taylor, has millions of monthly visitors and partnered with renowned companies, such as Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (BHHS).

Previously, Juwai primarily helped mainland Chinese investors who look for overseas property. In the past years, they have started to target ethnic Chinese who investors in Hong Kong, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more.

The Juwai Overseas Expo is an international real estate fair where service providers connect with potential investors, showcasing real estate, immigration & education-related services.

The exhibition welcomes hundreds of investors intending to help them investing overseas. I recommend you to have a look at this exhibition if you want to:

  • Reserve a booth and introduce your projects to Chinese buyers
  • Reach hundreds of local and expatriate buyers in Hong Kong
  • Promote and sell units and services
  • Enhance your brand awareness and learn about the market
  • Exclusive limited showcase
  • Teach buyers about your projects and services face-to-face

Key Information:

  • Type: B2C
  • Date: TBA
  • Venue: TBA
  • Registration: Click here

4. Asia Property Festival

The Asia Property Festival is organized by the biggest English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, South China Morning Post (SCMP), founded in 1903. SCMP has entered into a strategic partnership with, one of the biggest real estate websites in Malaysia, to co-host the exhibition.

The exhibition helps overseas property investors to get connected with real estate experts and developers to learn more about:

  • New and existing real estate projects in Malaysia, Singapore, the Greater Bay Area (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau), and more
  • Investment opportunities in luxury real estate projects
  • Current market trends and landscapes in the local and overseas markets
  • Upcoming and emerging markets you can target
  • Financing services and options for investors

You can also watch panel discussions with experienced and leading real estate experts and attend info sessions.

The exhibition is held on the 21st of March, the same day as the Juwai Overseas Expo. Therefore, you can attend both exhibitions on the same day if you want.

You can attend the Asia Property Festival for free, but there’s a limited amount of free tickets. The standard admission is HKD50.

Key Information:

  • Type: B2C
  • Date: TBA
  • Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong Island
  • Registration: Click here

5. MIPIM Asia Property Leaders Summit

The MIPIM Asia Summit is one of the biggest real estate exhibitions in Hong Kong and held yearly since 2007.

It’s a perfect place for top-level real estate professionals to expand their network, learn about the latest trends, and to find some of the most interesting projects overseas.

The exhibition is divided into three different categories:

  • Conferences: A great chance to network with high-level speakers, watch panel-led discussions, and project showcases
  • Networking: Social business networking events
  • Awards: Some compare these events to the “Oscars” of the Asian real estate industry and where an experienced jury receives awards for the best projects, built or unbuilt. Winners are awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze recognition at the MIPIM Asia Awards Gala Dinner

The organizers can help you to book accommodation at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong (including special rates).

Before you visit the exhibition, you need to print out and bring your e-ticket, a valid ID, and collect a badge. This can be done at the MIPIM Asia welcome desk, located on the right-hand side of the Grand Hyatt Lobby.

Key Information:

  • Type: B2B
  • Date: 26 January 2021 (online)
  • Venue: Generally at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road – Wan Chai, Hong Kong
  • Registration: Click here

Are there other property exhibitions and events in Hong Kong?

Sure. The exhibitions listed are big and sometimes only dedicated to real estate companies who want to reach out to other service providers. But, you can also find plenty of smaller property events that are hosted by individual real estate agencies and brokers.

One of the best websites to find such real estate events is

These events tend to be more niche and focused on a specific industry or country. For example, at the moment I’m writing this article, you can find events and seminars covering:

  • The Inside Info on the New York City Residential Buyer’s Market
  • Golden Visa – Spain, Mallorca (Invest in real estates from 500,000 euros)
  • UK Real estate investment Opportunities

For up-to-date information, simply visit to find upcoming property events.


Can foreigners attend international property exhibitions in Hong Kong?

If the event is open to the public, foreigners generally don’t have any issues attending international property events in Hong Kong.

How much does it cost to attend property exhibitions in Hong Kong?

It depends. If it’s a B2C event, it’s usually free or comes with a small fee (HKD50 – 200). If it’s a B2B event, it can cost thousands of Hong Kong dollars to attend.

What are the benefits of visiting property exhibitions?

You can get the latest market information for specific countries, expand your network, learn about buying processes, new interesting projects, and more.

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