Top Real Estate Websites in Hong Kong: An Overview

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Hong Kong has the most expensive and one of the most active real estate markets in the world. Prices have gone through the rough and the average home price is now around USD 1.2 million, which is kind of amazing.

Riding the wave of this growing real estate market, we have seen multiple websites popping up that focus on helping locals. Not only do the portals provide guides and advice, but often list units for sale or rent.

In this article, we take a closer look at the top real estate websites available and what makes each of them unique.

If you have any other recommendations of real estate websites available, feel free to write a comment at the bottom of the article.

1. Squarefoot

real estate portal in Hong Kong is a leading real estate portal in Hong Kong that provides much valuable information to readers that look for real estate in Hong Kong.

Buyer’s guides, first home recommendations, luxury home information, property news, and topics around interior design.

Squarefoot HK was one of the first real estate portals and is currently part of the REA Group, a globally acclaimed real estate company.

In addition to Hong Kong, you can also find Squarefoot in Australia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United States. The website has also started to offer guides and promoting real estate overseas.

It’s widely known that Hong Kongers are keen to buy properties in places like the UK, Australia, Portugal, and Thailand, just to mention a few examples.

You can find units in Singapore, New York, London, Kuala Lumpur, and Paris on the website.

I also recommend you read their life hacks and guides about Feng Shui if you’re interested in the topic. There are plentiful guides that are worth reading if you have a general interest in real estate as well.

2. 28Hse

28Hse is a major real estate platform that provides guides, as well as properties for rent and sale. In addition to Hong Kong, they also have a presence in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

What we like about 28Hse is the vast amount of information and insights that can be found on the website.

For instance, while some sites only focus on residential real estate, you can also find commercial properties on 28Hse.

Examples include offices, shop houses, car parks, and land. Besides, they have clearly separated the sections for new home buyers and second-hand home buyers. This makes the navigation easy and you can browse units according to your needs.

The website is available in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English.

3. Midland Realty

Midland is a large-sized real estate company with many branches in Hong Kong. Founded in 1973, it’s been fighting head-to-head with Centaline, which is considered the major competitor of the company.

Midland’s is undoubtedly one of the go-to websites for real estate buyers in Hong Kong, thanks to its modern layout and vast information.

In addition to finding units for sale and rent, you can find property market data, district data, price index, information about transactions, statistics, and more.

The same as for other major real estate websites, Midland Realty has also started to promote overseas properties to local buyers. Nowadays, you can find units in Australia, the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, and Canada.

Midland will most likely be one of your top options if you reside in Hong Kong and ever look for real estate locally or overseas.

4. Centaline Property

Centaline Property is another leading real estate franchise and portal that is headquartered in Hong Kong.

The company was founded as early as 1978 and it has 2,000 branches in mainland China and Hong Kong, with 400 in the latter one.

The company is well-known for its vast expertise and many real estate options, including residential real estate, commercial property, land, and car park spaces.

These are available both in new development and second-hand markets.

Centaline provides much data and research and displays its so-called Centa-Index. I recommend you visit Centaline’s website for information about its services and the free data available.

5. Christie’s Real Estate

Christie’s International Real Estate is a renowned luxury real estate portal that targets buyers and persons that wish to rent residential real estate.

As you can see on the website, some units fetch for as much as USD 60,000 a month, which is amazing.

The company has helped clients for 250 years and serves many other markets, including London, Moscow, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Palm Beach. The company has affiliate offices in 47 countries around the world as well.

Their New York real estate brokerage can be found in their flagship real estate showroom at Christie’s U.S. headquarters at Rockefeller Center, one of the most premium addresses.

I recommend you take a look at the website if you are searching for high-end properties for rent or for sale.

6. Spacious

Spacious was founded in 2007 and focuses on helping Hong Kong property buyers find units for sale online.

The website receives hundreds of thousands of unique users monthly, searching for properties both in Hong Kong and overseas.

The company can also help you find coliving spaces and overseas properties.

Many visit Spacious simply because of the resources available on the website, including the latest market transactions, neighborhood guides, and more.

The website was originally created by Asif Ghafoor who worked at Goldman Sachs in London but relocated to Hong Kong. After personal experiences of finding real estate there, he decided to start Spacious.

7. is a multipurpose real estate website that was established in Hong Kong in 2000.

It was one of the first property websites available in the city with as many as 30,000 units listed for sale, and more than 5,000 units for lease.

The website posts property news, data trends, and other useful information for persons interested in the real estate sector.

In addition to units listed for sales or lease, they have tools like mortgage calculators and transaction searches.

What makes a bit unique is that you can list units for free. The website receives around 500,000 unique visitors monthly, which is impressive considering the local population of around 7.5 million.

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