• Top 10 Property Developers in Japan: A Complete Guide

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    Japan is one of a few developed countries in Asia and has managed to build up a number of reputable companies over the decades.

    Not surprisingly, you’ll find a number of local real estate developers that build different kinds of property, not only in Japan, but also overseas.

    In this article, I list some of the biggest and most reputable property developers in Japan.

    1. Mori Trust

    Mori Trust Co., Ltd. is a leading Japanese real estate developer, headed by Akira Mori, the 7th richest person in Japan. The company was founded in 1970 with a base in Tokyo and is one of the oldest property developers in the country.

    It was formerly known as Mori Building Development Co., Ltd but changed name to Mori Trust in 1999. The company owns a multiple number of subsidiaries, including Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts.

    Mori Trust is also developing office buildings in the United States.

    Property types

    They build residential projects, office buildings, apartments, condominiums, hotels, resorts, and retail projects. However, they’re best known for their high-rise condominium residential projects.

    Current projects

    • Residencia Azabu – Juban
    • Motoazabu Terrace Apartment
    • Mita Tsunamachi Terrace
    • Gotenyama Terrace

    Future projects

    • The Residence
    • Foretseine Akasaka Hinokizaka

    The company has pledged to invest around USD 7 billion in new projects in the coming decade.

    Prices & areas

    The price of an apartment in the Foretseine Akasaka Hinokizaka is around USD 6.5 million (JPY 720 million).

    2. Mitsubishi Estate

    Mitsubishi Estate, also known as MEC, was founded in 1937 and ranked as one of the oldest and largest real estate developers in Japan. Keiji Kimura is the Chairman of the company and its headquarter located in Tokyo.

    MEX has developed many well-known high-rise buildings, including the second tallest building in Japan, Yokohama Landmark Tower.

    They’ve developed residential and commercial projects in almost all major cities in Japan but also in China, Vietnam, Singapore, the United States, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Mitsubishi Estate also owns multiple subsidiaries, all working in the real estate sector, like Mitsubishi Estate Home, Mitsubishi Real Estate Services, Yokohama Royal Park Hotel Co., Ltd., Aqua City Co and more.

    Worth mentioning is that Mitsubishi Estate has recorded an all-time high pretax profit, according to Nikkei Asia.

    Property types

    Mitsubishi Estate builds all kinds of real estate projects, including residential projects, office buildings, commercial projects, hotels, resorts, retail, golf courses and government buildings.

    Most of their residential projects are high-rise condominiums whatsoever and built under one of its subsidiaries, Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd.

    They also offer custom-built home services under another subsidiary, Mitsubishi Estate Home Co., Ltd.

    Current projects

    • Marunouchi Building
    • Sanno Park Tower
    • The Parkhouse Harumi Towers Krono Residence
    • The Parkhouse Tsudanuma Kanade no Mori
    • Park Habio Akasaka Tower

    Future projects

    Mitsubishi Estate build the tallest building in Japan, expected to be completed by 2027.

    Prices & areas

    The price of an apartment in the Krono Residence (The Parkhouse Harumi Towers) is around USD 7,000 per square meter (JPY 770,000).

    3. Mitsui Fudosan

    Mitsui Fudosan is one of the largest property developers in Japan, owned by an even larger company, Mitsui Group. It was founded in 1941 and currently headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

    They’ve built residential, commercial and leisure projects in Japan and worldwide, including the United States.

    Mitsui Fudosan is also developing a 51 floor office tower in the United States, which is the largest overseas project by a Japan based real estate developer. They also own six different real estate subsidiaries working in China, UK, and United States.

    Notably, Mitsui Fudosan has also managed to reach an all-time high pretax profit.

    Property types

    Mitsui Fudosan is divided into four divisions including an office building division, real estate solution services division, accomodation businesses division and retail property division.

    Hence, they offer all types of properties, including residential projects, commercial and retail property. They also develop and manage government properties like museums (Hara Model Railway Museum is one of them).

    Current projects

    • Park Mansion
    • Park Homes Toyosu The Residence
    • Park Tower Shinkawasaki
    • Fine Court Fukazawa Okeitei
    • Park Axis Oshiage Terrace

    Future projects

    • Tokyo Midtown
    • Fine Court Fujisawa SST

    Prices & areas

    The price of a 2 bedroom apartment in the Park Homes Toyosu The Residence in Tokyo is around USD 750,000 (83,000,000 Yen).

    4. Sumitomo Realty & Development

    Sumitomo Realty & Development is one of the oldest and biggest property developers in Japan, founded in 1949. The head office of the company is situated in Tokyo.

    The company was first known as Izumi Real Estate Co., Ltd, but later changed its name to Sumitomo Realty & Development in 1957. It also owns a number of subsidiaries like Sumitomo Fudosan tatemono Service Co., Ltd. and American Comfort, also working in the real estate industry.

    According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, Sumitomo Realty & Development also recorded the all-time high pretax profit in 2016.

    Property types

    They build all types of residential and commercial projects, including office buildings, condominiums, housing projects, apartments and hotels.

    Sumitomo Realty & Development develops and sells around 5,000 condominiums every year.

    They also offer home remodeling and custom home development services through their subsidiaries like J-URBAN, American Comfort, J-RESIDENCE, and Shinchiku Sokkurisan.

    Current projects

    • Deux Tours Canal & Spa
    • Shinjuku Garden
    • Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower
    • Grand Hills Sangenjaya
    • City Terrace Mejiro

    Future projects

    • Multiple projects under La Tour series (apartments)
    • Multiple City Terrace projects in different cities
    • Garden Hills Yotsuya
    • Multiple City Tower projects in different cities

    Prices & areas

    The price of a condo in the City Terrace Mejiro in Tokyo is around USD 700,000 (JPY 76 million).

    5. Tokyu Land Corporation

    Tokyu Land Corporation is a leading residential and commercial property developer in Japan. It’s a subsidiary of Tokyu Foundation Holdings, which is a century old business.

    In addition to hundreds of real estate projects in Japan, they’ve also developed properties in Indonesia, the United States and China.

    It was founded in 1953, and their head office is based in Tokyo. They also own multiple subsidiaries, including:

    • Tokyu Homes Corporation
    • Tokyu Sports Oasis Inc.
    • Ishikatsu Exterior Inc.
    • EWEL, Inc.
    • TLC REIT Management Inc.
    • Tokyu Land Capital Management Inc.
    • Tokyu Stay Co. , Ltd.
    • Tokyu Resort Service Co., Ltd.

    Property types

    a. Tokyu Land Corporation has developed hundreds of residential, commercial, retail and leisure properties in Japan.

    b. Their residential projects include condominiums, apartments, detached-house projects and senior housing projects.

    Current projects

    • Grancreer Series
    • Branz Series
    • Majes Series
    • Comforia
    • Tokyu Apartment

    Future projects

    Most of their new projects are focused towards retail and commercial projects, mostly under the brand names Q plaza, Tokyu Plaza, Q’s Mall and Market Square.

    Prices & areas

    The price of a condo in the Branz in Tokyo’s Minato area is around USD 560,000 (JPY 62 million).

    Note: The apartment brands by Tokyu Land, Branz and Als are at the top in terms of resale value.

    6. Daikyo Incorporated

    Founded in 1960, Daikyo Incorporated is one of the leading condominium developer in Japan. Daikyo is famous for the Elsa Tower that was built in 1998 and was the tallest building in Japan at that time.

    It’s also ranked as the biggest condominium management company in the country. They’re currently managing more than 500,000 condominiums. They’ve been developing and selling condominiums in Japan since 1968.

    They also own a number of subsidiaries in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong.

    Property types

    They’re known for building condominiums and become the first company to manage over half a million condominiums in 2014.

    They also offer serviced housing for senior citizens and has developed a few detached house projects under the ALION TERRACE brand.

    Current projects

    • Renoa Series
    • Lions Mansion Series
    • Lions Villaggio Series
    • Forest Lake Hibarigaoka
    • Lions Tower Tsukishima

    Future projects

    Daikyo develop hundreds of new condominiums under their popular brand series names like Lions Mansion.

    Prices & areas

    The price of a condo in the Lions Tower Tsukishima in Tokyo is around USD 8,200 / square meter (JPY 900,000).

    7. Nomura Real Estate

    Nomura Real Estate was founded in 1957 and one of the largest real estate developers in Japan.

    At a start, it focused on developments of office buildings, but in 1964, they finished their first residential project in Tokyo. There are also a number of subsidiaries under its umbrella, all working in the real estate industry.

    Except for building in Japan, they have also developed projects in Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand.

    Property types

    They build mostly office buildings, but also residential projects, retail projects and logistics facilities.

    Their residential projects include both detached homes and high-rise apartments and condominiums, some of them listed below.

    Current projects

    • Yokohama Nomura Building
    • Proud Season
    • Ohana
    • Nomura Real Estate Wellness
    • Good Time Home

    Future projects

    • Proud Brand series

    Prices & areas

    a. The price of an apartment in their most recognized Proud series ranges from USD 450,000 – 550,000 (JPY 50 – 60 million).

    b. The price of an apartment in the Ohana series is around USD 180,000 – 270,000 (JPY 20 – 30 million).

    8. Nakano Corporation

    Nakano Corporation is one of the oldest and biggest real estate companies in Japan, established in 1885. It now operates as an international real estate developer based in Tokyo, Japan.

    They have many subsidiaries working not only in Japan, but also in Singapore, the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. In total, they’ve completed around 1400 projects in 37 different countries which is impressive.

    Property types

    They’re known for developing large-scale residential, commercial and government, but not excluding hospitals, museums and schools.

    Completed projects include offices, residential (apartments/detached houses), commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational facilities, leisure, religious facilities, renovation projects, public buildings and civil engineering projects.

    Current projects

    • Hamamidaira Housing Complex
    • Century Utsunomiya
    • Eslead Nara Ohji Town
    • Anpiel Fukuoka East
    • Comfort Matsubara

    Future projects

    Most of their upcoming projects are commercial or government building projects, and new residential projects in Malaysia and Singapore.

    9. Tokyo Tatemono

    Tokyo Tatemono is one of the oldest and biggest real estate developers in Japan, founded in 1896. They own multiple subsidiaries in Japan and other countries in the world.

    The head office of the Tokyo Tatemono is based in Tokyo, Japan, but they are currently developing projects in Myanmar, China, Singapore, and a few other countries.

    Property types

    They develop a wide range of properties, including office buildings, commercial facilities, residential projects, leisure, child care facilities and senior housing projects.

    Current projects

    • Brillia Tower Ikebukuro
    • Brillia Tama New Town
    • Brillia Towers Meguro
    • Brillia Bloomoi
    • Brilia City Mitaka

    Future projects

    • Brillia series
    • Sieria Tokorozawa
    • Bloomoi

    Prices & areas

    The price of an apartment in the Brillia Towers Meguro ranges from around USD 15,500 – 25,500 per square meter (JPY 1.7 – 2.8 million).

    10. Daiwa House Group

    The above listed developers are some of the best when investing in an established project, but what if you want to build a house on a plot of land for example? For this, you need a you need a well recognized home builder.

    Daiwa House Group is the leading homebuilder in Japan, offering a wide range of construction services to landowners, commercial and industrial investors. It’s based in Osaka and owns around 90 subsidiaries working the in real estate sector. It was founded in 1955 as a construction company.

    Not only do they operate in Japan, but also in the Philippines, United States, China, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar and Thailand.

    Property types

    They offer house building services, including build-to-order houses, forest housing and housing subdivisions.

    In addition, they also develop factories, health care facilities, shopping centers, resort hotels, fitness clubs, golf courses and other similar properties.

    Most importantly to many, they also develop condominiums and offer condominium management services.

    Current projects

    • Solasia series
    • Initia series
    • Premist series
    • Grace ROI series

    Prices & areas

    The price of the custom-built house depends on the design and land area. You can choose from different floor plans.

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