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How Asian Investors can Buy Property in Canada: A Complete Guide


Canada is a great country that has many similarities with the US.

Personally, I like Canada a lot as it’s politically stable, has great infrastructure and a breathtaking nature, just to name a few.

Cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa have welcomed a great amount of Asians the past decade, that want to enjoy everything that Canada has to offer.

Often as a future place for their children to go to school, or simply to have a place to store their cash assets.

The property prices have appreciated much in the past years in Canada, especially in the bigger cities. This has caused some frustration among Canadian nationals, especially Millennials.

But, Canada is still a hot spot for Asian investors, in this guide I will explain how you can purchase your property in Canada.

Can foreigners buy property in Canada?

Foreigners have no particular restrictions to invest in Canadian properties, which makes it an attractive place for Asian investors.

In fact, foreigners need to go through the same buying process as non-resident Canadians. The process doesn’t differ much compared to Canadian residents.

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