Buying Property in Guangzhou: The Basics You Need to Know

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Guangzhou is one of the largest cities and an economic powerhouse in China.

With proximity to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Guangdong has become a melting pot and one of the richest provinces in China, thanks to these three cities.

Guangzhou has a long history, both culturally and economically indeed, something you should read more about if you’ve not already done so.

In this article, I explain the basics you need to know when buying property in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou real estate market

Located in Guangdong, Guangzhou is the third-largest city and an economic powerhouse together with Shenzhen and Hong Kong, in the Southern region.

With an old history of trading and commercial activity, not surprisingly, Guangzhou is one of the most bustling areas in China, attracting investors and expats.

As I’ve written in my separate articles about buying property in Shanghai and China in general, prices have increased much during the past years, making the price to income ratios very unbalanced.

So how is the government trying to resolve this issue? Building a massive amount of rental units is the way forward and one of the hottest topics spoken about in the media, the fact is that the rental market is highly undeveloped in China.

Property prices in Guangzhou

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