Buying Property in Hanoi: A How To Guide

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Hanoi is the capital of one of the fastest-growing countries in the world and has some of the highest rental yields in Asia at the moment. The city has seen rapid economic growth in the past years and is projected to continue on this path in the coming decade.

Even if Hanoi receives less attention than Ho Chi Minh, some investors simply prefer its local and authentic culture, seasons, and beautiful surrounding nature. Besides, the property market is less overheated than Ho Chi Minh’s and has much to offer in the coming years.

In this article, we review the following topics:

  • Hanoi’s Property Market
  • Best Areas to Buy Property in Hanoi
  • Real Estate Agents in Hanoi

Hanoi’s Property Market

Hanoi is the second-biggest city in Vietnam and receives less attention than the southern commercial hub and metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City. The cities are different in the sense that Hanoi is the cultural and political center of Vietnam. Continue reading Buying Property in Hanoi: A How To Guide