How to Buy Property in Hokkaido: A Complete Guide

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Hokkaido gets increasingly popular among foreign and Japanese investors, who want to find cheaper property, a holiday retreat or just a place to escape the hustle and bustle.

You most often hear that foreigners go to Hokkaido (and often Sapporo) to spend one or two weeks skiing.

The other seasons are also great, offering a great quality of life and astonishing nature.

In this article, I explain all the essentials you need to know when buying property in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido real estate market

Hokkaido and its real estate market are significantly different from the Japanese mainland and the three major Japanese islands.

Firstly: It’s among the least densely populated areas in Japan, the population density is less than 65 people per kilometer.

That’s around 1% compared to the population density in Tokyo, where the density is more than 6000 people per km.

Secondly: it’s the 2nd largest island in Japan, but also the northernmost part of the country, thus exposed to a colder climate, with a comparatively harsher winter season.

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