How to Buy Property in Ireland: The Ultimate Guide

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Ireland becomes an increasingly popular investment destination, particularly after the Brexit, and more investments will be allocated here.

The country attracts many overseas students who look for quality education, at the same time as they can become internationalized and learn English.

Luckily, it’s significantly easier to buy property in Ireland compared to Southern European and Asian countries. In fact, Ireland has sprung up as one of the most popular options when overseas investors look for real estate.

In this article, we review how you can buy property in Ireland, covering everything from regulations, taxes, and the buying process.

Topics covered:

  • Can foreigners buy property in Ireland?
  • The process when buying property in Ireland
  • Property Taxes
  • Can I get a residence permit if I buy property in Ireland?
  • Can I rent out my property?
  • Property Prices in Ireland

Can foreigners buy property in Ireland?

Foreigners have no general issues buying property in Ireland, which is similar to many other European countries. That’s not the case in Asia where foreigners encounter strict foreign property ownership regulations.

In countries like Thailand and the Philippines, foreigners can generally only own condominium units on a freehold basis, with certain quotas. Continue reading How to Buy Property in Ireland: The Ultimate Guide