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How Asian Investors Can Buy Property in Ireland: A Complete Guide


Ireland is one of the European countries that suffered hard during the economic crisis in 2008.

Together with Spain, Portugal and Greece, these countries were commonly referred to as PIIGS (I agree that the name doesn’t sound so pleasant).


The Irish economy has recovered and the country hosts great universities in places like Dublin and Cork.

If you plan to send your children overseas for education, you should not turn your blind eye to this country.

With the UK leaving the EU, the media frequently talks about Dublin and the opportunities it gives.

Expect great rental yields, an astonishing nature and a historical touch that make Asian investors keen to invest here.

In this article, I will explain all the details you need to know when buying property in Ireland.

Can foreigners buy property in Ireland?

Compared to countries like Australia and Thailand, foreigners have no restrictions to buy properties in Ireland.

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