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Top Real Estate Agencies in Korea: The Ultimate Guide


Korea is an economic powerhouse in the Asian region and attracts a number of foreigners who are expats, wish to either settle down here or just want to invest in properties. Even in many locals decide to not go through real estate agents when buying property, it’s the only option available for many foreigners.

Most of the international real estate agencies have opened offices in Korea since years back, but you’ll also find local agencies who should be of interest. In this article I will explain about some of the biggest and most reputable agencies in Korea.

Introductory remark

The real estate agencies are listed in a random order.

1. Colliers International Korea

Founded in 1898 in Canada, originally named as Macaulay Nicolls Maitland, the company merged with an Australian property services company, Colliers, in order to expand their operation to a global level. They currently have 396 offices with more than 15,000 employees in 69 countries.

Under the lead of the CEO- John McLernon, Colliers International’s office in Korea is situated in Seoul with roughly 20 employees. The management team consists of a group of Korean nationals. In 2016, they won Best Overall Advisor & Consultant Award in Asia awarded by Euromoney Real estate Awards.

Property types

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Buying a Property in Seoul: The Definitive Guide


Seoul is the prime spot for investors in Korea, most people also decide to live here, for studies or work.

I’ve been in Seoul myself and know that it’s a great city, offering all the amenities that many foreigners (and myself) want.

The fact is:

Korea gets increasingly popular and the amount of foreigners grows with a fast pace, especially in Seoul.

Even if property is a bit more expensive, compared to other countries, you can find good deals if you look in the right areas.

In this article I explain how you can buy property in Seoul, the capital of Korea.

Seoul property market

Seoul has long been the preferred option when foreigners buy residential and commercial properties in South Korea.

And it’s not surprising.

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How to Buy Property in Korea: A Complete Guide

Suggestion: Watch the 5 minutes video tutorial before reading this article

Foreigners have poured into Korea to buy property the past years.

It’s not strange as it has one of the region’s strongest economies and a proven record of being stable over the long term.

The country is leading when it comes to technology, hosts great universities and I assure that you’ll never get bored there.

In this article I’ll explain the basics you need to know when investing in a property in Korea.

Can foreigners buy property in Korea?

Foreigners generally don’t have any issues to buy a property.

But you need to do your research and follow some regulations, especially if you’re a nonresident. If you’re a nonresident, you’ll be subject to:

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