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The 6 Cheapest Places to Buy Real Estate in Asia


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A commonly asked question among property buyers is where they can find the cheapest properties.

One should bear in mind though that it’s not easy, nor very important, to discuss property prices on national levels. It’s better to focus on a handful of cities, or the capitals, places where a big part of investors tend to go.

Before we deep dive into this article, I also want to inform that I haven’t taken countries such as Mongolia, North Korea, Brunei and Sri Lanka into consideration.

6. Thailand

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4 Asian Countries with Long Term & Real Estate Investment Visas


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Before you pick a location for your next Asian property investment, it’s important that you do some research about the visa options available.

Having a long term visa, might it be an investment visa, will bring relaxation and not forcing you to leave a country every month, or so.

Luckily, you’ll find a handful of countries in Asia who have understood that foreigners want to stay there long term, bringing decent cash to the local economy.

In this article, I list 4 Asian countries that offer long term and real estate investments visas to foreigners. Let’s have a look.

1. Thailand


Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia for many reasons. Expats, travelers and other foreigners alike can easily get accustomed to the high quality of life.

Personally, Thailand is one of my favorite countries to visit in Asia, I often make a trip once in a while, to recharge my batteries.

Even if Thailand might not be the best place for investors with a high risk appetite and to maximize yields, many foreigners (for example example Hong Kongers and Japanese) want to have property in a place that’s ‘livable’.

Proximity to their home countries is also of importance.

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The 5 Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Malaysia


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Malaysia continues to attract foreigners and expats who wish to either settle down or finding a retreat in Southeast Asia. Snapping the first place in our property index, it’s hard to talk badly about Malaysia as a real estate investment destination.

Thankfully, Malaysia has a lot of interesting destinations to choose among, all with different benefits and temptations. So the big question is: Where should you buy?

I’ve been to Malaysia numerous times and decided to write this article where I list the 5 best places to buy real estate in Malaysia.

1. Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur tops the list of the places to buy real estate in Malaysia for several reasons.

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The 4 Best Countries to Buy Real Estate in Asia


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Investing in overseas property is one of the biggest decisions that many foreigners make.

Before you prepare for success, it’s important that you understand your overseas market, what ownership regulations that apply, if you can easily transfer your money out of the country, what taxes that apply, and more.

To give you a helping hand, I decided to write this article, where I give you my own personal reflections, backed by data.

Let’s review the 4 best countries to buy real estate in Asia.


In this article, I don’t only take yields into consideration, or target investors with a high risk appetite. I also take property taxes, land ownership regulations, capital controls and the easiness to get long term visas into my assessment.

This article is not for people who look for investment properties merely.

Market cycles, and where countries stand right now, is also of importance, of course. Many news channels and experts say that Singapore, Indonesia and India looks promising at the moment.

The Singaporean market has seen a downturn in the past years, and has started to recover. India is getting increasingly more interesting, as it grows fast economically, while Indonesia follows a similar path, with much investment in infrastructure.

4. The Philippines


The Philippines is, together with Cambodia and Vietnam, one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. With a growing middle class, favorable demographics, and an English speaking low cost workforce, more and more corporations and investors turn to this country.

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5 Countries Where Foreigners Can Buy Land in Asia


Asian countries have some of the most prominent and promising real estate markets in the world. While some foreigners prefer to buy condos, villas or apartments for investment or self dwelling purposes, you shouldn’t neglect opportunities to buy land.

Personally, I believe that foreigners believe that it’s too hard to buy land, and from traditional reasons. But more and more people ask what opportunities they have when buying land in Asia.

Honestly, there are not so many options available.

In this article, I list the 5 countries where you can buy and own land as a foreigner in Asia. Let’s have a look.

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Top 5 Countries With Asia’s Highest Yields


Buying property overseas needs thorough consideration and planning. The rental yield is one of the most important aspects to many investors. Future outlook, capital appreciations, living standards and personal preferences are important to others.

A frequently asked question is in which countries foreign buyers can find the highest rental yields in Asia.

I’ve done some vast research, but found little information, most websites pointing to one source.

Therefore, I decided to write about this topic myself. In this article, I list the countries with the highest rental yields in Asia.

Introductory remark

I’ve intentionally excluded Cambodia from this article, as I couldn’t find sufficient data and sources.

CBRE Cambodia claims that residential rental yields ‘can’ reach between 5-7% in Phnom Penh, a general number which makes it hard to compare.

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Malaysia Property Loans for Foreigners: A Complete Guide


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Malaysia is one of the top spots for retirees and investors alike. It’s not strange, buying a property here is fairly easy and the process comparatively transparent. You’ll also enjoy a great quality of life with costs that are surprisingly low. It’s not strange why Malaysia has been ranked as one of the best places to retire in the world.

A commonly asked question is how easy it is, or if it’s even possible, to get a local property loan as a resident or non-resident foreigner. I decided to do research on the matter and have presented the results in this guide.

Let’s have a look.

How can I obtain a property loan as a foreigner?

Malaysia has some of the most generous and favorable ownership regulations for foreigners in Southeast Asia (it’s basically the only country that allows foreigners to buy land, as I don’t count Singapore). Still, banks can be a bit restrictive handing out loans, this is mainly due to the current economic climate and the recession which hit hard after 2008.

I’ve personally been in contact with a number of big banks in Malaysia, and I can see a clear pattern: be locally employed, a permanent resident or an MM2H visa holder, and things will become remarkably easier. The same it goes in Hong Kong, where your source of income should preferably be in Hong Kong, to increase your chances of getting a loan.

If you haven’t heard about the MM2H visa before, you can find more exhaustive information by reading this interview with Andy Davison.

Simply put, the MM2H visa is a government backed visa program which allows foreigners to stay in Malaysia for up to 10 years. There are a few countries that offer similar visas in the region, a strong proof that Malaysia welcomes foreign investors.

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Top Property Management Companies in Malaysia: A Complete Guide


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Buying a property is just the first step if you want to maintain your apartment or villa located somewhere overseas. Malaysia is not an exception, luckily you have plenty of property management companies to choose among, in all the major cities.

In this article, I present some of the most popular property management companies in the following places:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Penang (Georgetown)
  • Johor Bahru

Introductory remark

The companies are listed in a random order.

Kuala Lumpur

Below I’ve listed property management companies in Kuala Lumpur.

1. ARE Property Management

ARE Property Management is a fairly new company founded in 2013 by MK Chen. It’s a small company but they offer services with a personal touch.

Services offered

ARE Property Management, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia offers comprehensive packages with leasing, management and maintenance services. Their managing services include tenant management, marketing properties for rent, screening of prospective tenants and more. They mainly focus on rental services.


Suite A-05-07, Plaza Mont Kiara, 50480 KL, Malaysia

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Buying Under-Construction Property in Malaysia: A Complete Guide


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Under-construction and off-plan property are preferred choices when foreigners decide to invest in real estate in Southeast Asia. There are both benefits and drawbacks when going for this option, the buying process is also somewhat different.

I often receive questions related to the buying process, financing, payment schedules and taxes for these kind of properties, but it can be difficult to find summarized information about these items. In this article you will learn the following for under-construction property:

  • The buying process
  • Financing
  • Payment schedule
  • Legal fees and stamp duty
  • Procedure of the SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement)

Buying process for under-construction property

a. First of all, you need to find a handful of properties, shortlist them and choose a property

b. You pay a booking fee to enter into the buying process. There is no fixed amount, as the booking fee is decided by the developer. Generally, it’s 2% of
the purchasing price but can be any other amount

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Getting an Overseas Property Loan in Malaysia: A Complete Guide


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Buying an overseas property in markets that perform better than the one in Malaysia is the preferred choice for many investors. Often, these investors are high-net individuals who don’t want to input a big chunk of their money into one project, hence they want to get some backing financially.

One solution for this is to apply for a so called overseas property loan. Personally, I believe that overseas property loans will get more and more popular as we become more globalized and tend to move around.

I’ve dedicated this whole article to explain how it works when you apply for an overseas property loan in Malaysia, which banks that offer the loans, what requirements that apply and more. Let’s have a look.

What is an overseas property loan?

Overseas property loans are designed for Malaysian citizens or residents who wish to finance a property overseas. As mentioned, when the local market performs worse compared to an overseas ditto, the preferred choice for many investors is to look outside the borders.

Stricter requirements normally apply, but you will find a handful of banks in Malaysia who offer overseas property loans.

Often, you can only get a loan if you’re a high-net individual and if the property is located in a prime location. Why? Because properties in such areas generally generate higher rental incomes and have a higher resale value. This is standard for similar loans in Singapore and Hong Kong as well.

Which banks offer overseas property loans in Malaysia?

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