How to Invest in Mongolia’s Property Market: By Mongolian Properties

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Mongolia has been one of Asia’s best performers in terms of property rental yields and capital appreciation in the past decade. Yet, it’s still not under many investors’ radar.

At the moment, most attention comes from foreign companies who look for commercial property or housing for expats. With that said, Mongolia is predicted to perform well in the coming years, having one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia.

Today, Mongolian Properties helps to explain how it works when buying property in Mongolia. It’s one of the biggest real estate agencies and a reputable developer that has built many projects in the past.

Topics covered:

  • Can foreigners buy property in Mongolia?
  • What property types are available to foreigners?
  • How is the real estate market?
  • How is the process when buying property?
  • Can foreigners rent out property in Mongolia?
  • What are the best cities to buy property?
  • What property types should be of interest?
  • How can I transfer funds from Mongolia to overseas?
  • What property taxes do I need to pay?

Can foreigners buy property in Mongolia?

Mongolian property laws are comprehensive and well-drafted with good protection of title and ownership rights. This applies to foreigners as well.

Having a ‘floating freehold’ system, the constitution and other major laws provide both foreign and Mongolian citizens with inalienable freehold rights to immovable property.

There’s no distinction between local and foreign purchasers in the legal system in terms of property rights. Continue reading How to Invest in Mongolia’s Property Market: By Mongolian Properties