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Top 10 Property Developers in New Zealand: A Complete Guide


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New Zealand has attracted many foreigners, especially Chinese, who wish to have a safe haven in the future. Property prices have increased much over the years, forcing the government to introduce cooling measures.

Not surprisingly, a preferred option is to buy off-plan, giving you the opportunity to design and move into a brand new property. Therefore, I decided to write an article about some of the biggest residential property developers in New Zealand.

Let’s have a look.

1. Conrad Properties

Conrad Properties Group is one of the biggest property developers and investment companies in New Zealand. Cornard Properties is also known as the largest apartment developer as they mostly develop medium and high-rise apartment buildings.

Cornard Properties was founded in 1994 with its head office situated in Auckland. It also has regional offices in Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong. They develop properties outside of New Zealand, mainly in Australia, but also in Canada, Bermuda, China and Singapore.

Property types

Almost all of their projects are high-rise apartment buildings. Although one of their first projects, G Urban Work Spaces, was mixed-use project but after that, they’ve only developed residential apartment buildings.

Current projects

  • Queens Residences
  • The Ivory Epsom
  • Urba Residences
  • The Vincent
  • Soho Apartments

Future projects

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How Asian Investors can Buy Property in New Zealand: A Complete Guide


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Not many people hear about New Zealand in the media. You only hear about it during sports events or if the property prices have propped up.

Yes, that’s correct.

Foreign investors, especially from China, have invested in New Zealand during the past years, as they seek for a place that is more safe and stable compared to home.

Not only Asian investors decide to invest in New Zealand, we also see investors from the US, that wants to have a politically stable and safe place as a potentially future retreat.

In this article I explain what you need to consider when buying a property in New Zealand.

Can foreigners buy property in New Zealand?

Foreigners in general have no particular restrictions to buy a property in New Zealand, but there are some things you need to check beforehand.

Currently, the government has forbidden non-resident foreigners from buying property to curb escalating property prices.

No one knows when this will be lifted, but for now, you need to look at other countries, in case you’re a non-resident foreign investor.

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