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Top Conveyancing Lawyers in Malaysia: The Definitive Guide


Malaysia is one of the prime spots when foreigners decide to buy property in Southeast Asia, it’s not strange as it’s probably the most foreign friendly country in the region, when it comes to buying property.

Even if you’re not legally required to hire a property solicitor, also referred to as conveyancing lawyer, it’s highly recommended to assure that the process works smoothly and to avoid unforeseen issues later.

But it’s virtually impossible to find summarized information about conveyancing lawyers in Malaysia, therefore I’ve written this article where I present some of the biggest and most popular firms.

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The firms are listed in a random order.

Kuala Lumpur

Below I’ve listed conveyancing lawyers located in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Azman Davidson & Co

In 1981, in Ipoh, Perak, Azman & Co., and the Ipoh office of Lewis & Co., merged to form Azman, Davidson & Co. Lewis & Co. was named after its original senior partner JMM Lewis. The firm was known for representing the major players in the mining industry. On the other hand, the firm of Azman & Co was named after its founder, Dato’ Syed Azman bin Syed Mohamed.

Right after the merger, the firm opened the branch in Kuala Lumpur. Over time, Azman Davidson & Co in Kuala Lumpur emerged from a one person company to one of the biggest mid-size firm in the country with 40 lawyers and 50 supporting staffs. Most of the partners in the firm are from Southeast Asia.

The current managing partner is HY Chong, who has been with Azman Davidson & Co since 1991. He specializes in real estate, corporate, commercial, and insolvency.

Services offered

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Top Real Estate Agencies in Penang: The Ultimate Guide


Penang has been ranked as one of the most livable and price worthy places to be in the world. Naturally, a lot of foreigners, like American retirees, Asians, Europeans and Australians decide to relocate here.

If you decide to buy property in Penang, you’ll see that you have a number of agents to choose among. That’s why I decided to make things a bit easier and wrote this article.

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest and most popular agencies in Penang.

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The real estate agencies are listed in a random order. I’ve focused on agencies that have Penang as their prime location of doing business (for example, the location of their head offices).

1. Penang Properties

Penang Properties has been in the real estate industry for years and is one of the biggest real estate agencies in Penang. The company has 25 employees and is currently headed by Jeffrey Yeoh Jin Hau, that has over 25 years of experience in real estate.

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Buying Property in Penang: The Definitive Guide

Suggestion: Watch the 5 minutes video tutorial before reading this article

Malaysia was the only country that qualified into the list called: The best countries to retire in as a foreigner, made by Forbes.

I’m not surprised.

You can enjoy a great quality of life, especially in places like Penang, which is more relaxed compared to Kuala Lumpur.

Property prices are also incomparably low to places like Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

In this article I explain the basics you need to know if you’re interested buying a property in Penang.

Minimum property investment for foreigners in Penang

The Malaysian Government has introduced protective measures to avoid that foreigners buy up a large amount of properties in the country.

As I’ve described in my buyers guide about Malaysia, foreigners need to pay a minimum amount for property, these differ depending in which state you buy.

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