Buying a Condo in Phnom Penh: A Beginners Guide

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Phnom Penh is the capital and largest city in Cambodia. You can find most real estate investment opportunities here, no matter if you seek to buy condo units or commercial property.

While the real estate market slowed down during the pandemic, some believe that the market has much growth potentials in the coming decade.

In this article, we review the most important topics on how you can buy real estate in Phnom Penh as a foreigner.

Topics covered:

  • Property Ownership Regulations in Cambodia
  • Best Districts to Buy Condominium Units in Phnom Penh
  • Phnom Penh Real Estate Agents
  • Phnom Penh Real Estate Developers

Property Ownership Regulations in Cambodia

Foreigners can only buy strata-titled real estate on a freehold basis. Strata-titled properties can typically be found in branded condominium projects, and sometimes as commercial shophouses.

The same as for most other Southeast Asian countries, you cannot buy land here as a foreigner. Continue reading Buying a Condo in Phnom Penh: A Beginners Guide

Investing in Phnom Penh’s Luxury Property Market

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Cambodia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia and has attracted many foreign investors during the past years. Even if the market has been a bit shaky, overseas buyers, and especially Chinese, continue to flood the property market in vast numbers.

Here, you’re not only able to buy residential property, but also commercial real estate that can bring in great returns long-term.

Today, I’ve invited CS Tee from Huttons Asia in Singapore to explain more about how it works when buying luxury real estate in Cambodia. He has personally bought commercial property in The Peak and will explain about the property market, the buying process, property taxes, what the benefits and drawbacks are, and more.

Let’s see what he has to say.

Thanks for being here Tee. You’re from Singapore and promote Cambodia real estate to international buyers. Can you explain what makes Cambodia so interesting and why foreigners should consider investing in real estate here?

Cambodia is still a relatively new market and therefore has the potential for an attractive return on investment compared to its neighboring countries, like Thailand and Vietnam.

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