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Buying Condos in Phuket: The Ultimate Guide


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Phuket is an amazing holiday destination and is fast becoming one of the world’s most visited islands. In 2018, Thailand attracted nearly 35 million visitors and almost one third of those spent time in Phuket.

And the amount of travelers is expected to rise significantly in the coming years.

There’s a prediction that mainly Chinese will flood the Phuket real estate market as they struggle with property prices back home. They’ve also become more aware of the opportunities to buy overseas property to use as investment vehicles.

Yet, before you buy real estate in Phuket, it’s important that you get your feet wet and learn about the market, where to buy, about prices, and more.

In this article, you’ll about learn the following:

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Property For Sale in Phuket: 6 Interesting New Projects & Launches


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Located along the beautiful Western shoreline in Thailand, Phuket is one of the most visited places in Thailand. Some foreigners even decide to settle down here full time.

You’ll find a number of established and off-plan properties with great amenities. A benefit of investing in Phuket is that developers often offer high guaranteed rental incomes, if you invest in the right areas.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most interesting new property projects for sale in Phuket, including villas, condos, condotels, and more.

Viewing the projects and surrounding areas in Street View (Desktop Version)

To check the projects and surrounding areas in Google Maps Street View, simply zoom in the area of the marker and pull the orange colored Pegman to the marker, or nearby areas. You can track the marker/project in Street View as well.

To go back to Google Maps, press the arrow in the top left corner.

Latest Update: 2019-01-25

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Renting Out Property on Airbnb in Thailand: The Definitive Guide


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If you own a property in Thailand, or plan to buy one, Airbnb can be a great option to earn additional income. With more than 35 million arrivals in 2017, Thailand was among the top ten visited countries, which means that there’s a high demand for short term rentals.

Airbnb provides a perfect solution to the high demand, something that Thai hotels have (negatively) experienced. In 2017, there were around 40,000 Thai properties listed on Airbnb.

However, before you take the step and start renting out your property on Airbnb, you should know that there are some legal limitations to it as well. In this article, I explain everything you need to know when renting out property on Airbnb in Thailand.

Is Airbnb illegal in Thailand?

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The 6 Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Thailand: A Foreigner’s Guide


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Thailand is one of the most popular countries when foreigners and expats look for overseas properties in Asia. With millions of tourist arrivals a year, it’s also one of my top choices.

Thailand has a number of choices to choose between, with everything from Chiang Mai, a cultural center listed as a UNESCO heritage, to the bustling nightlife in Bangkok, and white beaches in Phuket.

In this article, I list the 6 best places to buy real estate in Thailand.

1. Bangkok


Bangkok is one of the most developed cities and the commercial center in Thailand, making it a top destination for foreign property buyers. Statistics show that around 3 million foreigners live in Thailand, where the biggest part stays in Bangkok.

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Top Property Management Companies in Thailand: A Complete Guide


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You’ve finally bought that property in Thailand, but realize that you won’t be able to maintain it. You simply don’t have the time or live in another country.

Don’t worry. You have a number of property management companies that can do the job for you.

In this article, I present some of the biggest and most popular property management companies in:

  • Bangkok
  • Phuket
  • Pattaya
  • Koh Samui


Below I’ve listed property management companies located in Bangkok.


CBRE Group, Inc. is a global property management companya based in the US. The head office of the company is located in Los Angeles and it’s the biggest publicly traded commercial property management company in the world. CBRE has more than 70,000 employees and 400 offices in different cities, which speak for itself.

CBRE (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established in 1998 when they opened their first Bangkok office, being the first international property management company to operate in Thailand.

Since then, they’ve managed to expand to Phuket and currently have around 800 employees in both cities. So who’s running CBRE Thailand?

Aliwassa Pathnadabutr has worked as the managing director since 2005. She’s a graduate from the Kent State University, and has worked with some of the leading Thai real estate developers in the past two decades.

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Top Conveyancing Lawyers in Thailand: A Complete Guide


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Thailand is one of the most popular countries for overseas property buyers who want to have an income generator, a retreat to spend a couple of months a year or they’ve simply decided to settle down.

Even if Thailand offers a great quality of life and has attracted a huge amount of foreigners over the decades, it’s still developing and things are not as straightforward compared to developed countries. Therefore, a wise choice is to hire a property lawyer, before you transfer those hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

But it’s not that easy to find summarized information about local property lawyers. Therefore, I’ve written this article where I list some of the biggest and most reputable firms in Thailand.

Introductory remark

The firms are listed in a random order.


Below I’ve listed property solicitors with offices in Bangkok.

1. Chaninat & Leeds

Chaninat & Leeds is an international law firm based in Bangkok and was founded by American and Thai attorneys in 1997.

The team includes both Thai, British and American attorneys with a complete knowledge of Thailand’s legal system and real estate laws. The law firm specializes in offering services to foreigners and managed by the American attorney, Joe Leeds.

Joe leads the team of more than 10 multilingual attorneys. He’s been working as a foreign law consultant in Thailand for more than two decades and specializes in real estate and intellectual property law.

Services offered

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Top Real Estate Agencies in Phuket: A Complete Guide


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Phuket is one of the most visited resort islands in the world and attracts tons of tourists and people who simply want to settle down here. It’s not strange with such a breathtaking nature and quality of life offered.

With all the foreigners pouring into Phuket, we’ve also seen a number of real estate agencies setting up offices over the years. Therefore, I decided to write this article, where I explain more about some of the biggest and most popular real estate agencies in Phuket.

Introductory remark

a. While there are a number of large established brands that have set up satellite offices in Phuket, I will mainly focus on the ones who have Phuket as their primary location of doing business. Some companies that sell properties in Phuket and that I’ve already written about in my article about real estate agencies in Bangkok are, for example:

  • Colliers International
  • CBRE
  • RE/MAX
  • Knight Frank
  • JLL

b. The agencies are listed in a random order.

Most of them have years of experience working in Phuket and with a number of both locals foreigners in their companies. Let’s have a look.

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How to Rent Out Property in Phuket: By Phuketcondo.net (interview)

Suggestion: Watch the 5 minutes video tutorial before reading this article

Phuket is one of the favorite destinations for many foreign property buyers, thanks to its proximity to other countries in Southeast- and East Asia.

You’ve probably not gone unnoticed that it offers a great quality and attracts many tourists.

Nowadays, more and more foreigners have opened up their eyes to the opportunities to earn some extra money on rental incomes in Phuket.

Today, I have Mike Lundin from phuketcondo.net with me. He’s the Online Marketing Manager and the Head of their newly launched Phuket Rental Management Service.

Phuketcondo.net is a reputable company that caters many foreigners who want to buy or rent out property in Phuket.

Let’s see what Mike has to say and how they help foreigners to rent out property.

Mike, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at phuketcondo.net?

I came to Phuket, Thailand on holiday about 10 years ago, and I knew almost right away I wanted to live here full time. Who wouldn’t with the laid back lifestyle and beautiful beaches?

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