Buying Property in Portugal: The Ultimate Guide for Foreigners

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Have you ever considered becoming a European citizen and to get full access to the Schengen area? A property purchase in Portugal can help you to fulfill that goal.

And with properties that cost a fraction compared to places like UK or China, you’ll be able to reside in a sunny country with great food, nice weather and long beaches.

In this article, I explain how it works when buying property in Portugal as a foreigner.

Topics covered:

Can foreigners buy property in Portugal?

Yes, foreigners, including Asian investors, have no particular issues to buy properties in Portugal.

Many foreign buyers (especially from the UK and Mainland China) have taken this path, in fact, Portugal is one of the five most popular countries for Chinese property investors.

You’ll also have the chance to become a permanent resident if you invest in property here (more about that later in this article).

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