Top 7 Property Management Companies in Shanghai

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The property management industry is a big business in China.

This is particularly the case in Shanghai that is the home to many offices and industrial space. In fact, it’s so big that the Canton Fair has a fair solely dedicated to property management in Shanghai.

You can find all kinds of property management companies, including small and local firms to large-sized multinationals. Of course, they serve different purposes.

In this article, we focus on primarily foreign-owned property management companies. Let’s start with a company that is significantly active in the property management industry, including Southeast Asia and Eastern Asia.

1. Savills China

Savills is a leading property management company in Asia that currently has 18 offices and more than 9,000 employees in China. Continue reading Top 7 Property Management Companies in Shanghai

Buying Property in Shanghai: The Basics You Need To Know

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Shanghai is the financial hub and Chinese city that has deserved the most attention in the past decade.

There are not many articles covering the topic of how foreigners can buy property in Shanghai, so I decided to write one myself.

In this one, you’ll learn more about regulations to foreign ownership, Shanghai’s property market, average prices, popular real estate agents and more.

Can foreigners buy property in Shanghai?

I’ve already written a complete article explaining how foreigners can buy property in China.

Even if regulations are similar on a national level, prices have soared in Beijing and Shanghai, which has resulted in some additional requirements.

Below I’ve listed some regulations to foreign ownership in Shanghai that is worth noting.

How many units can I buy?

You can buy one unit, after you’ve worked or studied in China for a time period of a year. This applies to the whole of China and understandably, you need to provide a number of documents to prove so:

  • Employment contract and tax records
  • Local work permit
  • Resident permit

Continue reading Buying Property in Shanghai: The Basics You Need To Know