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How Asian Investors can Buy Property in Spain: A Complete Guide

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European travelers find Spain as one of their most popular place to visit, offering a high quality of life with great weather, golf courses and beautiful ocean views.

Foreigners are welcomed with open arms as the Government tries to attract more investors. As you might remember, Spain struggled much during the economic crisis that evolved in 2008.

Another thing I like with Spain is that you have the opportunity to buy landed houses, with less restrictions and hurdles compared to many countries in Asia, like Thailand and Cambodia.

In this article I’ll explain all the essentials you need to know when you buy property in Spain

Can foreigners buy property in Spain?

Foreigners have no particular restrictions to buy a property in Spain, in fact the Spanish Government encourages foreign investors to buy property there.

This is different compared to places like Singapore and Hong Kong, where the Governments try to reduce the influx of foreigners, who want to buy properties.

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