How Colliers Help Asian Investors Buy Property in the UK: By Ashley Osborne

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Ashley Osborne, Head of UK Residential at Colliers International, has more than 20 years of experience working helping Asian property investors buy property in London.

Currently based in London, Ashley also spent years in Hong Kong, giving him a unique perspective of the ‘supply chain’ that covers both ends of the market.

In this article, he explains how Colliers International helps both private and institutional investors in the UK, and why you may want to look outside of London.

Ashley, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Colliers International

I head up the residential business in the United Kingdom and within this division, there are four principal areas of operation including Residential Development (i.e. the sale and acquisition of residential development sites across the UK), PRS – Private Rented Sector (acquiring and selling build-to-rent residential assets to the institutional markets); New Homes (the sale of new-build houses and apartments within the UK) and selling UK residential properties throughout our Colliers International offices and affiliated partners globally.

Prior to my current role, I was based in Hong Kong working for Colliers International as Managing Director of our International Properties business.

Alongside a highly committed management and sales team, we established one of Asia’s largest international sales platforms.

You have extensive experience with Asian property investors. How do you reach out to prospective buyers in the region?

Like all markets, there are many different types of property investors with varying requirements and stipulations.

Regardless of geographical and investor nuances, on the whole, buyers look for two key things: a high-quality product that represents good value for money and secondly, excellent customer service.

As a business, our sourcing and due diligence teams have concentrated their search on finding high-quality developments built by ‘best-in-class’ developers and there is no doubt that having a great product constructed by reputable companies with a proven track record is key to attracting buyers.

In many ways, this is half the battle and we have been lucky enough to work with some of the best UK developers. Continue reading How Colliers Help Asian Investors Buy Property in the UK: By Ashley Osborne

How to Buy Property in the UK: A Complete Guide

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Some people predict that property investments from Asian buyers will decline in the UK, due to the current turbulence in the market. But reality shows something else.

To me, it’s not surprising why many Asians continue to invest in the UK. It’s a perfect place for Asians to find quality education, and I’m not only talking about the bigger cities, like London.

If you plan to let your children reside in the UK for a longer period of time, or reside there yourself, you should jump on the property train earliest possible.

Topics covered in this article:

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